Fashion Week Questionnaire: Robert Geller

For New York Fashion Week, Interview asked our favorite designers to respond to a questionnaire. Yesterday, GQ announced that Robert Geller won the CFDA Award for new menswear designer; it’s been a big couple of days, as his presentation is proceeding right now. Before the photos of the show go up anywhere, we have Gellers’ pre-show anxieties.


1. Inspiration this season: Imperial Vienna at the turn of the century. A fascinating place at a very interesting time. It embodies the characteristics of strength, Romance and Elegance which fascinate me right now.


2. One person you know will be front-row: My wife, Ana


3. How has NY changed since last Fashion Week? I thought that the fashion Calendar would be much more empty, but it doesn’t really look that way. I guess there will be more presentations than shows.

4. What’s your Fashion Week uniform? I don’t know yet. Whatever I feel the best in that week. I will probably be wearing bags under my eyes.


5. Your worst habit during Fashion Week? I need to learn how to relax a bit after the show. I always go straight into sales and designing the next collection, but I need to learn to let go a little bit.


6. One show you are excited to see? The Marc Jacobs show still excites me. I still know a lot of people there from the time that I used to work there, and they still manage to surprise me.


7. What are you most excited for in preparation for your show? I am most excited for the feeling that comes once the show has just ended. It is an extreme adrenaline rush and all of the weight falls off of your shoulders.