Fashion Week Questionnaire: Jeremy Laing


Jeremy Laing just completed his runway show in Chelsea, and in rough times the Toronto-based designer is putting stock in his native Canada. Artists Terence Koh and AA Bronson (of Vancouver and Toronto, respectively) sat head-to-head in the front row, while on the runway Laing worked heavy fabrics with delicate precision. Double face stretch wool came in relatively severe geometric silhouettes but were softened with folds, pleats, and layers. Some thing old, something new, as skirts were needle-punched and coats were laser-cut. Zip panels made for functional details, and at least once looked like a nipple tassels. Tunics abounded, in square and funnel shapes, and were memorably paired with bulgy leather welder’s gloves.


Before the show we visited Jeremy’s hotel room, where he previewed the looks and chugged a Naked Juice.


1. What’s your inspiration this season?
I recently visited North Carolina for a store opening (Capitol, a really awesome boutique in Charlotte where I sell) and as part of the weekend’s events got to visit Hendricks Motorsports, a Nascar team compound where they fabricate cars. I was really taken with the welding and chassis shop, with the CNC metalworking machines, all the spotless metal industrial components. Then, I started looking at welding apparel, and safety uniforms, and incorporating some utility elements and design features, in a clean and minimal way. I’m using Swarovski’s brand new pearl rivets, to give the illusion of spot welds, and I created a print based on some photos I took of brushed steel.

2. Who is one person you know will be front-row for your show?

My friends, and favorite bearded couple, AA Bronson & Mark Krayenhoff.

3. How has New York changed since last Fashion Week?
No idea, I haven’t been here! Well, that’s not true, tons has changed, but being busy working up in Toronto, I’ve only read about it, and haven’t seen much change first-hand. New York certainly looks the same to me as it did last season, but, of course, there is an eminating current of uncertainty about almost everything.

4. What’s your uniform during Fashion Week?
Layers. Sock-feet in the studio. A big sweatshirt and a shredded scarf from my Spring collection.


5. What’s the thing you’re most worried about in preparation for your show?
Well, the collection is basically done, because I have to have it finished before coming to town, so that’s a relief. Now I’m just waiting for the shoes to arrive!


6. What do you have for breakfast during Fashion Week
A bagel with cream cheese, tomato and salt & pepper. We don’t have delis in Toronto, so I over-compensate while I’m here.

7. Your worst habit during Fashion Week?
Lack of sleep, and see above.