Fabiola Beracasa Backstage: Monday and Tuesday

Max Azria

As I arrive to the Max Azria show I run into my friend Tinsley Mortimer, who I haven’t seen in a while, she looks great in pink Max Azria and some new bangin’ bangs! I sit next to Gen Jones and next to me the seat says Bonnie Morrison—except Bonnie didnt show up; instead some annoying girl who I never met and who keeps asking questions about who Bonnie is and what she does sits down next to me. If that wasn’t the worst of it, as soon as the show started all I could see was the back of her head because she kept bending towards the runway to shoot EVERY SINGLE LOOK with her annoying camera. I wanted to shove her over and tell her next time she needs to sit in the press pit! But I remained composed out of respect for the show. The looks were cool: the ever present cut outs and a lot of edge for Max Azria. To sum it up: leather, lace wool, and jersey—a winning combination in my book! After the show spoke to Rob Thomas from Matchbox 20 and his wife, Marisol, and then ran off to the MAC Lounge where I hung out with Gen Jones and Leigh Lezark. Leigh and I compared our garter belts (mine is from Bess and studded; Leigh’s is pink from Max Azria).


Marisol and Rob Thomas; Fabiola and Leigh barter garters. All photos by Fabiola Beracasa.


After that Gen and I jetted off to a photo exhibit presented by Vladimir Restoin Roitfeld. The first person I saw was Sebastian so I took a picture with him in front of our friend Salim Langatta’s photos…then I walked around to check out all the other work and found that my favorite picture of all was of a girl in her bathtub shot by David Mushegain. Hope you like it too. And finally one last picture of the crew before I go home and take my own bath!


Fabiola and Sebastian; Fabiola’s favorite photo from the show.



So I arrive late to the 11 AM Matthew Williamson show and actually miss the show. I decide to take my backstage pass and loiter around until the show is over. I got a chance to see the looks on the model polaroids while I was hanging out back there and they were really beautiful. Once the show was over Joy Bryant, who was with Monet Mazur and Santogold, came backstage. They all had on some amazing MW stuff, especially Santo: I loved the jumpsuit! We had a glass of champagne, and I was off to the IMG lounge in support of my longtime friend Shoshanna Lonstein Gruss who just did the new campaign for Judith Ripka. She looks pretty hot in the shots, don’t you think?





Vogue invades


1 PM and I run over to Derek Lam when I take my seat I notice that the Vogue crew is all in attendance and ruling the front row. The show is sophisticated but playful; the looks are very easy for a professional woman with great style and all the pieces seem to move effortlessly from day to night. I loved the leather pants and a blue drape dress with gold sleeve detail. From there I got myself a chai latte (Yum) and went off to Robert Verdi’s “LUX LAB” where the swag bag was sooooo amazing. I felt like Paris Hilton at Sundance. When I walked in I chatted with Lake Bell who was picking out a really pretty Margo Morrison necklace (I got one too) and then I chatted with Eva Longoria, who was getting a manicure. I was then given the lowdown on “blueprint cleanse”: For those of you who dont know what it is, if you do the program, you will be cleansed and thin in all of three days. I was like, “Did you say thin? Sign me up!” As I walking out in my fab Fendi coat, the fantastic Miss J walks in, looks me up and down and says, “Living, Living, living…I am just Living for that coat” Whats a girl to do? So I take it off and let her strike a pose in it.


Home for a little, and heading back to the tents soon.

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Miss J wears Fendi.