Inspiration: Elise Overland Is Blowing Up




“My inspiration is always a mosaic of impressions,” says New York designer Elise Overland, who is currently crafting her way into the Spring 2011 season. “Sort of how I live my life, but woven into a tapestry.” She walks us through the threads of her forthcoming collection:


– The first image is from the 1966 British and Italian film by Antonioni, Blow Up, a very fashionable film that I recent re-watched, and which inspired the cultish fascination with contemporary photography.

– The drawing that says, “Couldn’t be bothered” was the result of a letter I tried to write a friend and faxed off. Of course, I could be bothered with my collection, but I liked the mix of technology, casual gestures, and giving up.

– Lately I’ve been working so much with military jackets, but the crisp white colonial suits felt more fresh. It reminds me of my friends’ household uniforms in india.

– The bottom right is an image that me and [artist] Hope Atherton picked up in a bookstore in Marrakech, and he seems to always be with me on inspirations. Hope and I joke about the image a lot, and she just told me: “I hope your not going to put the image of the fighter up again this season…”

– Stripes!