DVF Loves Current/Elliott

Filmmaker Gia Coppola joins in on the DVF♥Current/Elliott collaboration to create a short film, Writer’s Block, a whimsical take on the girl-trying-to-make-the-big-time narrative. With narration by the droll Aubrey Plaza, the film follows the creative vicissitudes of Philomena Geronimo Junior (Jane for short, played by Tracey Antonopoulos), a fledgling screenwriter new to Los Angeles. Ray Liotta appears as her tough-nut producer.

“I really wanted to do something different.  I felt sort of tired of pretty fashion videos,” says Coppola. “I love the randomness of Martin Scorsese’s student films and how he was able to do so much with so little because of using voice over.”

The film, capturing the lush color of a dreamy LA landscape, showcases plenty of the DVF♥Current/Elliott collection, capturing Antonopoulos in fresh and exuberant vintage-inspired silhouettes and tailored denim treated with von Furstenberg’s signature prints.

Interspersed with footage from Hollywood days of yore, Writer’s Block races through the nostalgia of the Hollywood canon (be it a riff on Casablanca, B-grade horror flicks, or Sixties surfer films) and thoroughly camps it up, treating our girl Friday to illusions of the mythic Hollywood of her dreams.