Deb Never Takes Berlin for Saint Laurent’s SS24 Men’s Show

Deb Never

Deb Never outside the Saint Laurent SS24 Men’s show in Berlin.

Creative director Anthony Vaccarello brought sexy, sharp tailoring to the Mies van der Rohe-designed Neue Nationalgalerie in Berlin for Saint Laurent’s SS24 men’s show, Each Man Kills the Thing He Loves. Cheetah print and polka dot blouses paired with bold-shouldered blazers and smoking pants provided a fierce contrast to the brutalist setting, described by the musician Deb Never in an exclusive post-show interview as, “All glass doors with a beautiful view of the sunset.” Below, the L.A. rocker riffs on the “operatic” runway performance, and tells us all about her favorite looks from the collection.


DEB NEVER: Hello, Ernesto. 

ERNESTO MACIAS: Hi. Thank you so much for taking the time. Where are you right now?

NEVER: I am back in L.A. in the comfort of my own home. 

MACIAS: When did you get back? 

NEVER: Last night, very late. My flights got delayed. I left Berlin immediately after the show, unfortunately. 

MACIAS: What’s in your system right now? 

NEVER: A yerba maté, a cigarette, a little bit of sleep, and let’s see… I was just listening to Oh My Goodness and King Krule.

Deb Never

MACIAS: Let’s talk about this Saint Laurent Men’s show. How would you describe the vibe? 

NEVER: It was honestly incredible. I mean, I’ve been to other shows before and they’re all great, but I feel like this one was one of the best ones that I’ve seen. It was like an entire world—from the show to the clothes to the music, the venue, the dinner, and the after-show. It was so cohesive and very well put together, and I was just overall impressed, and excited to be there in that world. 

MACIAS: Can you describe the look that you wore to the show? 

NEVER: It was like a hooded—I’m trying to figure out the term.

MACIAS: Like Grace Jones-type hood?

Deb Never

NEVER: Oh, my god. Yes. Grace Jones. That’s the perfect reference. And a flowy top with classic Saint Laurent pants and boots. I think it was my favorite look, honestly, and I’m so glad I got to wear it. 

MACIAS: How did you feel in it? 

NEVER: I felt chic. I felt like a different version of me, but it still felt right. 

MACIAS: How would you describe the show’s venue? 

NEVER: It was a very large space. They had this huge block of light outside of the venue. It was all glass doors with a beautiful view of the sunset. It created such a crazy atmosphere, it made the show seem larger than life. The venue was incredible. Honestly, I would love to do a show there. 

MACIAS: It’s always so cinematic. What were the runway looks giving? 

NEVER: It was giving operatic, brooding, dark, and romantic. I loved it. There are so many words I could use.

MACIAS: Did you have a favorite look?

NEVER: It’s funny because I’m not normally the type of person that would like this print, but it was this very flowy polka dot top that had this scarf, this like sachet? Is that what it’s called? 

MACIAS: A sash?

NEVER: Like a sash! When they were walking, it was flowing as if there was wind. That’s one stuck out to me a lot.

MACIAS: Where would you wear these looks?

NEVER: Honestly, everywhere, if I could.

MACIAS: A coffee run in a bold shoulder? 

NEVER: Absolutely. I will be that person—the most extra. Just pull up in the morning for a coffee in the padded shoulders, long scarf. 

MACIAS: I love that. The show’s title was Each Man Kills the Thing He Loves. Has a man ever killed something you love?

NEVER: Oh, that’s such a good question. I mean, considering that I like women, I think for me, a man has killed love itself.  

MACIAS: Oh, work. That’s the answer right there. Was there an after-party?  

NEVER: There was an after-show event. 

MACIAS: Did you have fun? What was the vibe of the after-party?

NEVER: It was exactly how the show was, that’s why I was so impressed. It was a very industrial-looking building, and with the lights, the mist, the candles, the long dinner table, it was all insane. It was surreal to be there. I felt like I was walking in art. 

MACIAS: What’s the best time to arrive at an after-party? 

NEVER: Fashionably late. I’m going to say maybe 1 a.m. 

MACIAS: And what’s the best time to leave? 

NEVER: I’m a person that likes to leave early. I never want to be the person that sticks around till the end.

MACIAS: Was this your first time visiting Berlin? 

NEVER: It was my second time. Berlin has its own vibe and culture, its own world. This show was very Berlin to me.   

MACIAS: Do you know any German?

NEVER: Oh my god, I learned how to say I can’t speak German, but now I forgot how to say it. But I do know danke schön. 

MACIAS: What was the highlight of your trip?  

NEVER: The highlight of my trip would be when I lost my luggage. No, I’m just kidding. 

MACIAS: Did that actually happen?

NEVER: Yeah. But I didn’t need it because I was wearing head-to-toe YSL, anyway. Also wait, going back to the German question, it’s Ich kann kein Deutsch.

MACIAS: You remembered it after all. What are you doing after this call?

NEVER: I’m immediately grabbing breakfast and food because I haven’t eaten in, like, 12 hours. Then I’m gonna go straight into the studio. 

MACIAS: Alright, new music coming up! 

NEVER: Yes, and I will be absolutely taking inspiration from the show.

MACIAS: Anthony will be proud.