Mini-bags are the New Miniskirts: Party On!

In channeling the ’70s disco era, mini-bags are hitting the club circuit hard this season—now with a dancer-friendly cross-bodied chain strap, which means ladies won’t be sidelined with the oversize purses that have been ubiquitous the last couple of years. Fashion houses aren’t just catching onto the party-bag craze for utility—they are amping up the design with elaborate embellishments. Chanel’s ice-white box has fur detailing around its overlapping double “C” logo and is connected to a glass-stoned strap, while Dior’s softer pouch is covered in silver chains and black pearls and attached to a metal band. For the more overt Studio 54 look, Swarovski’s take is sprinkled with smoke-gold crystals and comes attached to a snake-thin link fastening—just large enough to fit a credit card, lipstick, and possibly a party favor or two.