Après Ski at Chanel’s Chalet

Fresh out from under the big gray Chanel globe at Paris’s Grande Palais and ready for a downhill run at Klosters, Karl Lagerfeld’s cozy sub-zero Fall/Winter 2013 collection has everything a girl needs to live it up in the snow. Dressing up to beat the chill from Chanel starts with the house’s tweed all-in-one pant/boot combo, which looks complicated, but is actually just the way to put your best foot forward in fresh powder. To boost the gemütlich factor, Lagerfeld looked to Austria and Norway for ski knits with sparkle, plus pewter buttons and ruffles that recall Nordic grannies on the ice—in a chic Chanel way. There are tailored, but curvy ice-skating dresses; frozen, icicle-style feathers on a tunic; and Chanel chains threaded with velvet cords that look like they be sufficient to help your tires on that last uphill stretch to the chalet. All this ski style is polished with Chanel garçonne elements: bow-tie pins, Oxford lace-ups with clear plastic panels, and the Boy bag in a roomy shoulder strap version.