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Catherine O’Hara Teaches Us How to Say Loewe

Last Friday at the Esplanade Saint-Louis, hoards of stans gathered outside to greet the celebfluensters and editors attending Loewe’s FW2023 runway show. Inside, security guards guided attendees around delicate cubes of confetti created by Italian artist Lara Favaretto—an apt metaphor for a collection that was both reticent and celebratory. Highlights included fine silks adorned with blurry trompe l’oeil accents—some of which softly mirrored sharply tailored coats found elsewhere on the runway—as well as cartoonesque sculptural leather pieces in playful pink and lime green colorways. Ever the showman, creative director Jonathan Anderson capped his textural collection with a fun and flirtatious front row packed with crowd-pleasing VIPs, including the gorgeously charming actor Catherine O’Hara, who channeled her fashion-obsessed Schitt’s Creek character to help us unpack the collection. 


TAYLORE SCARABELLI: Okay, so we’re going to start with a fun question and then we’re going to get into it.

CATHERINE O’HARA: Uh-oh. Tell me which one.

SCARABELLI: First of all, could you tell us how to pronounce “Loewe”?

O’HARA: It’s Loewe. [Lo-Weh-Vay]. It’s German for lion? For a Spanish house of design by an Irish designer, am I right?

Catherine O'Hara

SCARABELLI: I should know this. [Laughs] And you are wearing…

O’HARA: Loewe! A beautiful dress, coat. Check the heels.

SCARABELLI: Stunning. Did you see any crushes in the front row?

O’HARA: Daniel Levy.


Catherine O'Hara

O’HARA: And Jamie Dornan. Nothing but beautiful people, because people are beautiful.

SCARABELLI: What did you think of the show?

O’HARA: Speaking of beautiful, it was beautiful and strong. And comfortable.

SCARABELLI: Yes! It was sexy and cozy.

O’HARA: Sexy and cozy. The wool! And how about the piece with the purse chain holding up bits of the dress? There’s great humor and whimsy in Jonathan Anderson’s designs. There was one woman that wore two different high heels at one time. A  lot of designers do unusual shapes, but they’re not flattering. These were, and I love how determined the models were.

Catherine O'Hara

SCARABELLI: They were on a mission.

O’HARA: On a mission to look beautiful.

SCARABELLI: How would you describe the collection in three words?

O’HARA: Well, the word collection makes me think that I’m going to have to give something. But I think this show gave a lot more than it took. It’s so beautiful. Why is it called a collection? Because it’s a collection of things? 

SCARABELLI: Now you’re putting me on the spot.

O’HARA: Oh I know why it makes me feel that way, it’s because I was raised Catholic and when I went to mass they took collection. [Laughs]

SCARABELLI: Okay! I feel like Moira could have worn some of these looks today.

O’HARA: Moira wishes. I’m only here because of Moira, thank you. People think I have a sense of style because I play her [on Schitt’s Creek]. 

SCARABELLI: She would have loved the feathers.

O’HARA: [Moira voice] Moira would love.

SCARABELLI: What’s your fashion week beauty routine?

O’HARA: Apparently not to sleep. My husband and I had some fun conversations today at about 5:30 AM because we were so tired. I just try to stay awake, drink a lot of water, and have a lovely makeup artist and hairdresser work on me

SCARABELLI: You look gorgeous. What’s next for you in Paris?

O’HARA: My birthday’s tomorrow, so my husband’s taking me out for a lovely dinner.

SCARABELLI: Fantastic.

O’HARA: And we’ll walk and shop in the daytime. I want to look for some vintage. Got any recommendations for vintage shops? I think some people get rid of some good stuff here in Paris.

SCARABELLI: I’ll make you a list. Happy birthday!