“Was She Wearing Florals for Spring?”: Dara on Dior Fall 2024

Dior Fall 2024

Yesterday, on an unusually warm spring evening, Dior staged their Fall 2024 collection at the Brooklyn Museum. The show was an homage to Paris and New York, inspired by the subversive style and screen icon, Marlene Dietrich. Boyish silhouettes and beaded gowns evoked a polished, practical glamour that has come to be associated with Maria Grazia Chiuri’s Dior. To get the full report, our senior editor Taylore Scarabelli called up our fashion director, Dara, to talk florals for spring, top hats, and who was making out at the after party. 


DARA: Hello! Are you walking to the office?

TAYLORE SCARABELLI: I am. I thought I was really underdressed but I’m getting warmer as the walk progresses. Bare leg season, let’s go! 

DARA: It’s very warm today.

SCARABELLI: How was last night?

DARA: Last night was fun. It was wild seeing Anna Wintour walk by The Botanical Garden into The Brooklyn Museum. 


SCARABELLI: Glorious. Was she wearing florals for spring? 

DARA: She was wearing florals for spring. It was extremely groundbreaking. She looked beautiful. The security detail was serious. And then we went inside. 

SCARABELLI: So this was a full-fledged Dior show in Brooklyn?

DARA: Yes. Their Fall 2024 collection. Maria Grazia’s ode to New York. 

SCARABELLI: Was seeing Dior in New York more fun than seeing Dior in Paris?

Dior Fall 2024

DARA: I feel like it was more fun. It was sexier. There was androgyny happening. The girls looked great. The Dior show in Paris is this gigantic, insane, huge thing. This felt a little more intimate because it was in The Brooklyn Museum. 

SCARABELLI: Also you’re biased because you’re a New York girl. 

DARA: I’m a New York girl and I love New York. 

SCARABELLI: It kind of looked like a crazy party. I saw Kim Gordon performing and Coco Gordon Moore and her girlfriend Riley Mac making out. People were dancing. 

DARA: Yeah. They just led the show right into the party. Everyone in there was meant to be there and they didn’t let nobody else in.

SCARABELLI: Fab. What was your favorite look from the show?

DARA: I was really feeling the Marlene Dietrich looks, the tuxedos. Those were my fav. There was a look with a top hat that was sexy. And then there was a girl in a white bow tie and she had a fringe sparkle skirt. All the beaded fringe at the end was really good. 


DARA: Maria Grazia gave everyone an evening. We were in there for a full hour and then right before the show started every blonde actress you’ve ever seen strolled in: Anya Taylor Joy, Diane Kruger, Michelle Williams. Charlize Theron was there with her daughter in the Miss Dior skirt. I could see all of them on the red carpet in those beaded frocks. 

Dior Fall 2024

SCARABELLI: Did you spot any hot artists?

DARA: Mickalene Thomas was there.

SCARABELLI: Fabulous. We love art. Fashion is art, art is fashion. 

DARA: Fashion is art. That’s it. 

Dior Fall 2024