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“I Like a Little Nipple”: Mel and Rachel Sennott Talk Balenciaga FW24

Balenciaga FW24

All photos courtesy of Mel Ottenberg.

SATURDAY MAR. 2, 2024 11:09 AM PARIS.


MEL OTTENBERG: I’m here at the Balenciaga show with Rachel Sennott. Rachel, baby, you look so good.


OTTENBERG: I don’t think this outfit can go on TikTok, actually.

SENNOTT: No, we might have to do a little bit of a blur. This is for a swipe-through post.

OTTENBERG: You look so good.

SENNOTT: I like a little nipple, I’ll say it.


SENNOTT: Free it!

OTTENBERG: Free the motherfucking nipple.

SENNOTT: Here it is.

OTTENBERG: Wait, can I see some leg action because I feel like you can stretch and kick in this look, right?

SENNOTT: I can totally stretch and kick. I can get on the floor. We’re both on the floor.

OTTENBERG: Yeah, we’re doing floor work.

SENNOTT: We’re doing floor work.

OTTENBERG: What did you think of the show?

SENNOTT: I thought it was fabulous. My favorite things were the panty dresses. Loved the panty dress. That really spoke to me.

Balenciaga FW24

Balenciaga FW24


SENNOTT: The duct tape on the clothes. I felt like the models really fit the vibe of the clothes. Like the girl with the red hair, she looked perfect in her look. And then there was this really little girl with a mad face and I was like “I love her.”

OTTENBERG: Thoughts on chewing gum?

SENNOTT: I didn’t chew gum during the show.

OTTENBERG: I didn’t either, but like in general, as an American?

SENNOTT: I need it. I’m chewing it all the time. This is the thing, I don’t drink water before the show because I know that I’m going to have to pee and I’m not going to go to the bathroom for two hours. My mouth gets really dry and then at the end, gum.

OTTENBERG: I like to chew two pieces of gum before the show and then spit it out because I’m an American piece of shit that shouldn’t be chewing gum. Like the country, she’s crumbling.

SENNOTT: She’s falling apart.

Balenciaga FW24

OTTENBERG: I’m also a middle-aged man and an editor-in-chief, so I shouldn’t be chewing gum. But you’re a beautiful woman, so the point is, are you proud of your gum chewing?

SENNOTT: I’m proud of my gum-chewing and I think you should be, too. We’re claiming it.

OTTENBERG: Are you good at it? I’m incredible at it. Can I have some?

SENNOTT: It’s with my mom. I brought my mom.

OTTENBERG: Your mom is here!

SENNOTT: Actual mother. And she has my gum.

OTTENBERG: Wait, you just look so good from every angle. What kind of gum are you chewing right now?

SENNOTT: I’m chewing Orbit spearmint.

OTTENBERG: Love. What’s your favorite gum?

SENNOTT: I basically like gum for children.

OTTENBERG: Bubble Yum?

SENNOTT: Bubble Yum bubblegum flavor or I do the orange tangerine.

OTTENBERG: Orange tangerine Trident is fucking great.

SENNOTT: It’s delicious. And there’s sort of a kick. It’s a little minty.

Balenciaga FW24

OTTENBERG: I think they changed the recipe of Trident’s original flavor. It’s not as good. Now, what did you think about these Balenciaga clothes?

SENNOTT: I thought they were incredible. I loved all the reimagined looks where it was like, things sewn on top. Especially the girls at the end with the boots. You can see her just walk out into the street. She was so incredible. Also the boots with the—

OTTENBERG: The panel.

SENNOTT: The panel. The toe. The panel boots, thank you!

OTTENBERG: Did you see the padded puffy North Face-looking boots?


OTTENBERG: Also, the normal clothes in that show were great. He’s such a good designer. He can do shock, but also look at that body suit and those sweatpants you’re wearing.

SENNOTT: Also, the phone glove. I need that.

OTTENBERG: We’re tied to her, Ms. Phone. Does mom have your phone?

SENNOTT: I’ve got mine. I’m tied to it.

OTTENBERG: Wait, where are you from again?

SENNOTT: Connecticut.

OTTENBERG: Rachel Sennott from Connecticut.

SENNOTT: Tri-state area.

OTTENBERG: Fab. Let me help you up.

SENNOTT: Gorgeous. We just kissed. It’s fine. Bye.


Balenciaga FW24