“Cute Clothes and Cute Boys”: Our Recap of Loewe FW24

Loewe FW24

All photos courtesy of Mel Ottenberg and Dara Allen.

FRIDAY MAR. 1, 2024 2:16 PM PARIS.


MEL OTTENBERG: Hey Catherine O’Hara, I’m Mel Ottenberg from Interview, how are you doing?

CATHERINE O’HARA: I’m fine, how are you?

OTTENBERG: What’s up?

O’HARA: What’s up, where are we? Is anything happening in here?

OTTENBERG: Can I get a little video asking you what you thought of Loewe FW24?

O’HARA: I wish I had the words. It’s just that I’m blown away. It’s so beautiful, it’s so wearable. It’s beyond imaginative. My husband said it’s from another world and he wants to go there. It was alive. Those pants were alive, that thing on the shoulder was alive.

Loewe FW24

DARA: The blob.

OTTENBERG: Honestly, I’m starstruck by you. All these other stars are fine.

O’HARA: Oh wait, you don’t smoke? You’re taking puffs?

DARA: It’s fake.

OTTENBERG: Well, it’s not fake. I get a lot out of puffing on this unlit cigarette. It’s just the gesture of it.

O’HARA: You never smoked?

OTTENBERG: No, I did for 30 years. Could you say one thing for me on camera? Just say “Midnight at the Oasis.”

O’HARA: You mean sing it?

OTTENBERG: No, just say it. I’ll give you five bucks. That’s all I want.

O’HARA: Midnight at the oasis!

OTTENBERG: Thank you, Catherine O’Hara.

Loewe FW24

EMILY RATAKOWSKI: That show was sick.

OTTENBERG: It was sick. I mean, don’t you want to just wear gigantic pants and only wear Loewe?

RATAJKOWSKI: Yeah, there were a couple of looks where I was like, “If I could rip this off…”

OTTENBERG: You mean with your cargo pants?

RATAJKOWSKI: Yep, with my polos tucked in.

Loewe FW24

OTTENBERG: Derek, do you want to give me a quote on the show?

DEREK BLASBERG: I would like to think that Jonathan [Anderson] specifically gave my seat to me because I was dead across from Shawn Mendes, my fantasy boyfriend.

OTTENBERG: I think they definitely gave us the seats we got to film the show. It was more that we were catty-cornered to the perfect show and perfect Shawn.

Loewe FW24

DARA: Jonathan Anderson really knows what the girls want. They want cute clothes and cute boys.

LIYA KEBEDE: Do you think he’s missing a t- shirt?

OTTENBERG: I think Jonathan styled him with no t-shirt because he told me he and Jonathan put the look together yesterday. Liya, you could rock everything in the show. Are you going to wear a vest? Are you going to wear a gigantic coat?

KEBEDE: That shirt, those pants, those bloomy pants. Those dresses in the beginning. Oh my god, I would wear those dresses. I love those dresses.

OTTENBERG: Would you wear the blob? I liked the crystal-clear blobs.

KEBEDE: They’re gorgeous. I don’t know if I’d wear it myself.

OTTENBERG: You’d wear those dresses from the beginning.

KEBEDE: And the suiting with the long tail.

OTTENBERG: Yes! Liya’s doing the market, she’s working, thank you! I talked to Catherine O’Hara and I asked her to say “Midnight at the Oasis” for me. Do you remember Waiting for Guffman? There’s a song where she sings, “Midnight at the Oasis!” It’s my fantasy, it’s my reference. Meg Ryan would be good to talk to because it’s giving Meg Ryan.

RICHIE SHAZAM: It was so fab. That hair, that vegetation coming out of the scalp. Everything.

OTTENBERG: Oh right, double wigs, double bangs.

SHAZAM: Yes, stacked!

OTTENBERG: Stacked wigs.

SHAZAM: You know, I live for aesthetics so for me, it was everything.

OTTENBERG: Living for the aesthetics.

DARA: Vegetation was a big trend this season. There were a lot of drapes.

OTTENBERG: Yeah, and Julia Nobis was wearing that mutation sweater towards the end.

SHAZAM: And those pantalones. They were still breathing. There was a bag of lettuce.

DARA: There was lettuce on the bag.

OTTENBERG: I just want to know what Meg Ryan’s thinking. It’s very Meg Ryan. Hey, I’m Mel. Nice to meet you! Can I ask you what you thought of the show?

MEG RYAN: The volume was so wonderful and the androgyny of it I loved.

OTTENBERG: You can pull off everything from the show, I think.

RYAN: I don’t think so, but I appreciate it.

OTTENBERG: You don’t think so?

RYAN: Maybe. I mean, I love the volume. The way things moved from the front and into the side and the way he choreographed how something is really astonishing and beautiful. It’s poetic, really.

Loewe FW24

OTTENBERG: Well, you are one of the coolest wearers of clothes ever, so from you that means a lot.

RYAN: Well, thank you.

OTTENBERG: Where’s the lie? It’s so nice to meet you.

RYAN: Thank you for everything.

OTTENBERG: Okay, we met Meg Ryan, we met Catherine O’Hara, we met Shawn Mendes, and we’re exhausted.