Bulgari’s Le Gemme Eyewear Brings the Riviera to Your Face

On this week’s episode of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, one of the major plot points was how much non-Housewife Dana Wilkey paid for her sunglasses: “Did you know? $25,000,” she crows to anyone who will listen. It paints haut-joaillerie eyewear in a bad light: as Camille Grammer later points out, those with that kind of money to spend don’t typically walk around announcing it.

Bulgari’s new eyewear collection, Le Gemme, is for that latter kind of woman: the one who can spend a terrific sum on her specs (the line runs up to $80,000 for custom-created pieces), but wouldn’t dream of telling you so. Rather, the glasses and sunglasses speak for themselves, with beautifully luxurious materials—18-kt. gold, colored sapphires, fine diamonds, mother-of-pearl—and elegant floral motifs that recall Bulgari’s midcentury heyday. We’re fondest of the cat-eye styles, which place their wearer right alongside Sophia Loren alighting at the Lido in ’61.