Big in Brazil: Bare Brows


Everyone who sketches portraits knows that the key to capturing expression is eyebrows. Tilt them or arch them or angle them in any direction and the person’s features take on totally different meanings.  Which is why the sexy inscrutability of eyebrow-lessness is such a captivating trend at Sao Paolo’s fashion week.  On the catwalk, the models at Priscilla Darolt, Maria Bonita and Forum Tufi Duek were deeply mysterious with their bare browbones. Off the catwalk, the trend continued. “I like being a little mysterious,” said Brazilian model Indiamara whose gold-tinged black eye shadow by leading local Duda Molinos, the Bobby Brown of Brazil, is striking contrast to the alien-like baldness of her brownbone. But her gestures of enthusiasm over the makeline’s winter collection were still impossible to misread.