Gotham Hits Berlin Fashion Week



Maybe the inspiration was the posters for the “Heroes, Freaks & Super-Rabbis” show at the Jewish Museum in Berlin during the Spring, or the “cool comic book vibe” that animated Milla Jovovich‘s photographs as spokesmodel for Mercedez Benz Fashion Week, but caped dresses were the crusaders of Berlin’s catwalks. Light and graceful dresses with hems swept up into billowing caps of pretty fabric were a regular sight. At Hugo Boss Black, a classic pink dress bloomed into a compelling shape because of its cap; Lala Berlin’s kaftans wafted dramatically down the catwalk; the Allude knitwear label presented boldly colored geometric knit sweaters and dresses with capes; and the ruffled asymmetrical dresses at Laurel ascended into soft caped frills floating behind their models. And emerging local favorite Don’t Shoot the Messengers staged an off-site presentation of masked models, towering on plinths in dresses of black or soft gold silk and leather, sending forth the message that Apollonian capes were the heroes of the season.