The Perfect Halloween Costume for Your Sign, According to Benny Drama

Dress by Marc Jacobs. Gloves by Sleeper. Minibag by Ashley Williams. Headband and Collar Stylist’s Own.

In the real world, Halloween is when kids dress up and beg for candy. But in our world, Halloween is the time of year when girls and gays can dress like total sluts without judgment. In 2020, kids won’t be begging for candy due to the COVID-19 global pandemic, but thanks to Benny Drama, girls and gays will be dressing like total sluts—even if there’s nowhere to go but the living room. Benito Skinner, the internet sensation and comedian also known as Benny Drama, is wildly known for his melodramatic and over-the-top embodiments of the Zodiac signs, as well as his spot-on impersonations of the Lana del Rey, the Kardashians, and the gay friend on Friends. Most recently, Skinner fed his fans with Benny Drama’s Night of Horror, a one-night-only digital extravaganza featuring some of Skinner’s iconic zodiac characters and a batch of his famous friends like Charli XCX, HAIM, Chloe Fineman, Adam Ray Okay, and the queen of screaming herself, Drew Barrymore.

Below, Benny Dram gave us his advice on how to add some fashion flavor to this year’s digital, socially-distanced, and ever-so-slutty Hallow’s Eve celebrations—by Zodiac sign, of course. 




Denim Set by Alexander Wang. Harness by Zana Bayne. Boots by Bottega Veneta.

“Honestly, Halloween isn’t a huge change from your normal lewk, so the accessories will take it there. You just have to trust me… ok? Why not go full “S&M (Remix)” by Rihanna ft. Britney Spears and top off your Wang denim two-piece with a Zana Bayne harness. Call it 50 Shades of Gay! Now go get your revenge bb.”




Skirt by Thom Browne. Vintage Letterman Jacket.

“Honey, she loves a reveal. To show your duality, you’ll need a two-parter. I went with cheerleader turned Teen Wolf (but the MTV one!). A Thom Browne skirt paired with a vintage varsity jacket—that’s bisexual, tbh.”




Vintage Sweater.

“Bitch, you need to be cozy, in vintage, but also prepare to absolutely lose your shit. Add in a reference to the queen of Pisces: Drew Barrymore. The layers! Take it easy and wear waterproof mascara <3.”




Suit, Shirt, and Tie by Thom Browne.

“You’ll need a runway costume that can travel from the office (tbt!) or, I guess, Zoom meeting to the living room? A Thom Browne suit paired with a clear coat. So many pockets to store your Verizon hotspot in!”




Coat by Marc Jacobs. Vintage Slip Dress. Choker by Lana Bayne.

“Okay prom queen, put that tiara on. Kind of crazy to think that the world does in fact revolve around you, so pair your vintage slip dress with a full-ass Marc Jacobs runway coat and let it RAIN. ON. YOU!!! Just don’t get blood on the faux fur bitch.”




Tee by Vintage Tee. Sweats by Entire World. Sneakers by Golden Goose.

“Try not to fall asleep during whatever festivities you have planned, but in case you do, let’s pair some Entire World sweats with a sexy crop top to show off all the hikes you’ve been going on. Maybe some Golden Gooses because you deserve a treat. Self-care! 3, 4, time to eat some more!”




Dress by Alexander Wang.

“Okay doll, you need to be in a full ass runway lewrk that explains to everyone why you’re 45 minutes late. I know it’ll be hard to decide, but whatever fits the tightest is going to be the move, babe. This slinky Morticia Addams Alexander Wang dress with hair down to your ass—when I say it’ll bring all the boys to the yard! Just make sure they are wearing masks.”




Dress by Marc Jacobs. Gloves by Sleeper. Minibag by Ashley Williams. Headband and Collar Stylist’s Own.

“Hey witch, I mean bitch. You’ll need to wear something that nods to your culture (Sabrina), but also shows off your sensitivity. For example, a pale pink Marc Jacobs number with a little Ashley Williams bag, to hold any snacks for your friends who might get hungry later.”




Dress, Headpiece, and Boots by Thom Browne.

“STRUT IT OUT. WALK A MILE. In Thom Browne platforms no less. You’ll need a runway look that shows off your psychotic attention to detail and your kinky side. I’m thinking the football player-turned-cannibal in couture! If someone spills on it though, R.I.P. them. XOXO.”




Tank by Ashley Williams. Pearls from Spirit Halloween.

“You know all about runway lewrks, so this feels belittling. But let’s pair a little bedazzled Ashley Williams number with some Spirit Halloween pearls that you can still get absolutely trashed in. Now do the ‘Time Warp’ and drink up baby.”




Track Suit by Juicy Couture. Sandals by Ugg.

“Hello, love. There’s a good chance you’ll be rolling, so you need to be comfortable, but also have pockets that can store your crystals. I’m thinking of a Juicy Couture tracksuit with some Ugg slippers to give you plenty of texture to grab on to while you’re coming up. And some flowers in your hair to let everyone know you’re the May Queen. Let the festivities begin.”




Dress by Miaou. Earrings by Ashley Williams.

“Hi mommy! You need to show everyone that you look 10 years younger than you actually are. So I’m thinking of a neon Miaou moment with some extra earrings so no one can clock you. A nod to Gale Weathers with some questionable bangs—if anyone can pull it off, it’s you bitch! Now go offend someone, but make it comedy and also fashion.”