Emma Chamberlain Kicked Off Her Brat Summer at Thom Browne Couture

Emma Chamberlain

Photos courtesy of Emma Chamberlain.

MONDAY JUNE 24, 2024 6:12 PM PARIS

When attending a Thom Browne fashion show, Emma Chamberlain typically prepares herself to be transported to a new dimension of sorts. That was the case on Monday evening in Paris, where the designer presented his latest couture collection, inspired by the Olympic Games and featuring a heavy dose of muslin, at the Musée des Arts Décoratifs. “I always know that it’s going to be a show,” said the YouTuber and fashion connoisseur when we caught up with her after all 48 looks had made their way down the runway. “There’s going to be stuff that I never could have thought of and he’s going to change up what we think fashion shows look like from a performance perspective.” This time was no different. After the show, Chamberlain joined us to talk about living her Thom Browne Fantasy, finding iced coffee in Paris, and the key to a Brat summer.


MITCHELL NUGENT: Are you happy to be in Paris?

EMMA CHAMBERLAIN: I am always very, very happy to be in Paris.

NUGENT: So, the French aren’t known to be very generous with their ice.

CHAMBERLAIN: Yes, that is true.

NUGENT: What’s your iced coffee hack when you’re here?

CHAMBERLAIN: Okay, well, I’ve done a few things. Number one, I’ve ordered a cup of ice and then an espresso on the side, and then mixed the espresso with my water and made an iced Americano. I’ve done that at times. That’s your best chance. But if not, just enjoy the hot drink and embrace the Parisian way, I’d say.

NUGENT: What do you most look forward to at a Thom Browne show?

CHAMBERLAIN: Number one, the world that you get brought into, from every single person who’s working on this show being in uniform to the unbelievably cohesive show that he creates that always matches the scenery beautifully. I know that I’m going to be imported into this new world that’s going to feel so all-consuming because he touches every detail. It’s always so delightful. I always know that it’s going to be a show. It’s going to be a real show. Things are going to happen. There’s going to be stuff that I never could have thought of and he’s going to change up what we think fashion shows look like from a performance perspective.

NUGENT: Capital F fantasy.

CHAMBERLAIN: Yes, very much fantasy.

Emma Chamberlain

NUGENT: Tell me about your look. It’s so fab.

CHAMBERLAIN: So this is an archive look, which is fun because this doesn’t look like anything that we saw today, which I thought was so exciting. And that’s actually what drew me to this look: it felt like something that would be in the “Video Killed the Radio Store” music video, which makes no sense because I don’t even know if that’s accurate. But that’s what it spoke to me. Don’t ask. I feel sci-fi villain-coded and I’m really into it. And my socks are made out of latex, so that’s unusual and fun.

NUGENT: Amazing.

CHAMBERLAIN: Uncomfortable, but fun.

NUGENT: And you have your gold Cartier Olympic earrings in.


Emma Chamberlain

Emma Chamberlain in Thom Browne.

NUGENT: Did you see any friends here today?

CHAMBERLAIN: Yes. I was sitting next to Evan Mock and on my right was Molly Gordon, so that was so delightful. But I didn’t even get to see anyone else because I got in late.

NUGENT: This collection celebrates the Olympics. In the Internet Hot Girl Olympics, who is taking gold?

CHAMBERLAIN: Internet Hot Girl Olympics? I can’t even think of any one person. But right now, to me, Charli XCX, Sabrina Carpenter. They’re the best. But also, in general, I think it’s anyone who is doing something a little different, doing their own thing. It’s fun to follow trends and I do it all the time, but when I see someone who’s doing their own thing and making me look twice, I’m like, “That’s badass.”

NUGENT: What was your reaction to the “Girl So Embarrassing” Lorde remix?

CHAMBERLAIN: Obsessed. I think that that is the future of… I don’t know. Pop culture is watching people, their relationships ebb and flow in that way. It’s so special and it was actually weirdly emotional. I got a little knot in my throat. I was like, “This is really special.”

Emma Chamberlain

NUGENT: What are your Brat summer essentials?

CHAMBERLAIN: Oh, that is a great question. Honestly, for me, it’s the big shades. Huge shades. I’m so obsessed with that vibe, when they just cover half your face.

NUGENT: Yeah. You really threw that iced coffee in the “360” video.


Emma Chamberlain

NUGENT: Did you train for that?

CHAMBERLAIN: Absolutely no training. Absolutely on the spot. I’ve never thrown a drink prior. That was my first and hopefully last time throwing a drink, but it was so much fun.

NUGENT: That’s my dream, to throw a drink.

CHAMBERLAIN: No, it felt really good. I’d recommend it. Do it towards a mannequin or something and you’ll feel really good.

NUGENT: It looks very therapeutic. Finally, what is an internet activity you think should be considered an Olympic sport?

CHAMBERLAIN: Honestly, reading through hate comments, because the way that your heart starts racing and you start sweating and you get scared and sad and upset, and then you have to calm yourself down, it feels like it’s entering into the Matrix. You know what I mean? You’re like, “Oh my god, here we go.” That’s an Olympic sport. But also, taking Instagram photos, honestly. People take it really seriously, myself included. The girls can go hard. It’s a sport.