The Republic Makes Scents

Banana Republic continues its mass-market safari into perfumery with two new scents, Republic of Women and Republic of Men. Banana Republic creative director Simon Kneen describes the scents as a study in contrasts: “The Republic Collection is both modern and timeless, combining fresh floral notes with classic musks and deep woods,” he says. We’re not sure how modern floral references are, but there’s something classic in the fact that Kneen flew in the finest noses in the fragrance world to collaborate on the scents—perfumers Harry Fremont (ck one by Calvin Klein and Kenneth Cole Black) and Laurent Le Guernec (Lovely Sarah Jessica Parker and Michael for Women Michael Kors). The women’s scent combines spicy bergamot with a floral heart of peony and Moroccan rose, while the men’s scent features unexpected food notes Clementine, hazelnut and plum, along with herb essences rosemary, basil and sage over a base of woods and musk. “The Republic Collection encourages modern souls to express their individual style while remaining open to new ideas, ingenuity, and most of all, to one another,” that’s equal parts American freedom and doublespeak, but it’s good enough for us.

Kristen Vinakmens  is the Editor of SugarShock.