What Jeremy Scott Means to A$AP Rocky

A collaboration between A$AP Rocky and Jeremy Scott was inevitable. The love affair between the avant-garde rapper and the designer goes way back, even before Rocky wore Scott’s Adidas Wing 2.0s in his music video debut, “Purple Swag.” “This Jeremy Scott stuff isn’t just yesterday,” says Rocky. “We used to be on the trains with this shit on. We used to save up money to buy his collections.” It is fitting, therefore, that Scott’s latest incarnation of his iconic Adidas kicks, the JS Wings 2.0 Black Flag, were directly inspired by Rocky. The all-black-everything shoes feature an embroidered American flag and bulletproof nylon: the perfect complement to the rapper’s black skinny jeans.

Scott’s fearless designs were more than simply garments to Rocky when he was growing up in Harlem. “For us, Jeremy Scott stood for something more,” Rocky says. “He took Adidas and did what he wanted with it. I always believe there are no barriers and no limits, and that’s what my style is with hip-hop too.” Scott, who has been pushing boundaries through his collections since the late ’90s, is similarly inspired by Rocky. “When you have something you believe in, no matter what the fuck just go for it,” Scott says. “I’ve been doing this for a long time and after a while you for get about that and he reminds me very clearly.” It is evident that when these bold creatives join forces, stellar results ensue. So can we expect to hear Scott throw down a verse on an upcoming Rocky track? “You never know,” says Rocky.