Superstar Edie


Published November 5, 2012

Will magazines ever stop styling their cover girls as Edie Sedgwick or Marilyn Monroe? Probably not. Four decades after her death and Edie Sedgwick remains a style icon. With her bleached-blonde crop, signature thick eyeliner and brows, nude lips, chandelier earrings, Breton-striped shirt, and tights, Sedgwick exuded a timeless cool. She’s an actress’ dream role—at once beautiful, fabulous, troubled, and tragic. A factory favorite, it is only fitting that Edie should have her own makeup set in NARS’ Edie Gift Set. Encased in a 16mm film canister, the film Warhol used for his series of screen tests, the “Edie” set includes matte nude lipstick,  a peach and peach-pink blush duo, and a cream eyeshadow with a little bit of sparkle, perfect for layering under the set’s eyeliner stylo. Forget Halloween, we want to look like Edie all year round.