Alexandre Herchcovitch Is in the Eyes of an Architect



For his Spring 2011 show, Herchcovitch took up solid, bright colors, perhaps to keep up with the stereotype that Brazilians are indeed a vibrant people. Clothes, lips and shock of dyed hair all matched each look—in matte cherry, sky blue, mint or sometimes a blocky mixture of the three. To keep the look cohesive (and to remind the rain-soaked crowd at Lincoln Center that this was indeed a spring-summer collection), Herchcovitch debuted his collaboration with German eyeglass company Mykita. With solid steel frames and opaque lenses, the monochrome sunnies all matched unique lipstick shades in powder blue or flat black.

Retaining the distinctive, rounded shape for which the brand is known, Mykita usually embraces a near-clinical, futuristic aesthetic for its shades. Herchcovitch’s interpretation, however, features tinted lenses in turquoise and amber (or black, which is near impermeable), and trades traditional Mykita tones for gold or blue. “I was inspired by the shape of the frames used by Swiss architect Le Corbusier,” Herchcovitch said, and he reimagined two versions of the man’s iconic, black frames: one rounded and circular while the other pointed and owl-like. He also created  rimless renditions of each, resulting in a more radical, Brazilian look.