Weekend News Roundup! Arrested Developments; Rooney Signs Off; Rogen Gets Hitched



Happy Monday! Here’s our compendium of pop-culture news you may have missed while you were doing more important things over the weekend.

• As you may have heard from fifty people on your Twitter and Facebook feeds, Arrested Development creator Mitch Hurwitz made a couple of surprising announcements at the Bluth Family Reunion moderated by Nancy Franklin at The New Yorker Festival this weekend: one, Hurwitz is halfway through a screenplay for an Arrested Development movie and is “80 percent sure” it will happen; and two, the cast plans to film a nine- or 10-episode bonus season slated to film next summer. Dust off your short-jorts! [New Yorker]

• Andy Rooney delivered his final address on 60 Minutes last night; he talked about being a writer, and about World War II, and he beseeched us viewers to, when we see him in a restaurant, just leave him alone to eat his dinner. We are going to miss Andy Rooney. [Gawker]

• Somehow, Dolphin Tale shimmied its prosthetic fin and swam all the way to the top of the box office this weekend, making $14.2M. (Guess a lot of people stayed home?) Moneyball stayed at number two with $12.5M, while The Lion King in 3D fell to third with $11.1M. 50/50 opened with $8.9M, and Courageous with $8.8M. Dream House and What’s Your Number, both opening in wide release, didn’t even crack the top 5. [BOM]

• Daphne Guinness is reportedly launching a film-production company. Hope her motto, “I’ll eat when I’m dead,” doesn’t apply to those in her employ, too; otherwise there will be some very unhappy craft-services employees in her future. [P6

• Aw, Seth Rogen got married! To his very pretty longtime girlfriend, writer Lauren Miller, with lots of famous friends watching. One of them tipped Us, “Every other line was a joke and the crowd couldn’t contain their laughter. It was nonstop fun!” [Us]

• Proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy: Jason Wu will design a capsule collection for Target. Pro tip: to avoid Missoni-for-Target-style disappointment online, plan a visit to your parents in the suburbs around the launch date and just go to their Target. We do this every time, and it has never let us down. [WWD]