Age: 22. Hometown: New York City. Currently resides: The East Village. Occupation: Artist. Day job: I was working for a gallery in the West Village, but I just sort of stopped. Now I’m working on my own things, painting mostly. Best odd job: I was living in Shanghai a few years back and randomly went to this casting call. Afterward, a woman called me and was like, “Do this movie.” It turned out to be The Forbidden Kingdom—some crazy weird kung fu film. It’s not really my thing, but it was a big deal in China because it was the first movie to star both Jackie Chan and Jet Li. I played a thug and did a lot of glaring. Childhood hero: Former New York Knicks basketball player John Starks of “The Dunk” fame. Current role model: Michael Rockefeller. Favorite fictional character: Uh, I don’t know. I’m reading The Oresteia right now. It’s pretty rad. Theme song: On the Crystal Antlers’ EP there’s this song, “A Thousand Eyes.” The lyrics go, “Why do we have to try to see with a thousand eyes?” or something silly like that. But it’s really good.