Who’s the Hottest Guy at Sway House? Watch This Video to Find Out

If you’ve never heard of Sway House, chances are you have a mortgage. The collab house of TikTok influencers—told you—is a tricked-out, 7,800-square-foot mansion in Bel Air occupied by a kegger of young men with boy-band good looks, testosterone in their veins, and dollar signs in their eyes. Their mission? To make content. Marking a new entry into the reality entertainment genre, the members of Sway House document the ribald dorm-room hijinks and choreographed dance numbers that have made TikTok the social media platform of the moment. In the video above, they attempt to answer some unanswerable questions: What is Sway House? Would you date someone that isn’t on TikTok? And lastly, the one you’re about to answer for them: Who do you think is watching this video?