Summer House Breakout West Wilson Tries NYC’s Hottest Dogs

West Wilson

West Wilson wears Shirt Polo Ralph Lauren. Pants Cherry Los Angeles.

From Times Square to Coney Island, the Bravoverse golden boy West Wilson samples the finest wieners New York City has to offer.



What does this hot dog remind you of? One of my teammates in college. His name was James Nelson. My locker was next to his. 

If you had to give this hot dog a nickname, what would it be? Hot dog envy.

Hoodie and T-shirt Balenciaga.



How would you describe this hot dog? It’s dependable and hits home when you need it to. It’s a neighborhood dog, so it kind of feels like family.

What do you love about Rudy’s? You never know what you’re going to get. We say we’re going to pregame here, and then we show up, eat 56 hot dogs, drink three pitchers of beer, and then no one goes out after. It’s kind of a death trap, because the hot dogs are free.


Jacket The Row from Mr. Porter. Tie Stylist’s Own. Shirt Banana Republic.


What does this hot dog remind you of? Life, because I’m getting bites that are hot and cold.

What would you like to say to this hot dog? He knows he’s not perfect, and no one’s looking at him when they’re in line for pastrami or matzoh ball soup. But I am. I noticed you and I care about you.


West Wilson

Suit Amiri.


What award should this hot dog win? Most likely to slut around senior year. It’s so pretty, but we don’t know if it has substance.

What kind of condiments do you like on your hot dogs? This is crazy to say while I’m eating a dog with avocado and mayonnaise, but I believe in mustard. I’m not pro ketchup, but I’ll do it for the vibes.

How does it taste? It’s good. The bacon wrap gives you a crunch that you normally would not get in other dogs, and I like a contrast.



Describe this hot dog in three words. Classic, smooth—fuck, I’m blanking. Wait for this…nostalgic! Or American? Let’s go with American.

What does it mean when someone says you’ve got that dog in you? It can mean a lot of things. It could be a Friday night, your boys are all going out, you’re super tired, you want to go home, but you’ve got that fucking dog in you. You’re going to rally, chug a beer, maybe take a shot, go back out. Or your mom, when she’s got a bunch of stuff to do for the holidays, and then she has to cook dinner, she’s got that dog in her. And then also if you’re at Coney Island, all the people riding these crazy roller-coasters on a breezy day like today, they have that dog in them as well. So it’s very universal.

West Wilson

Custom T-shirt Stylist’s Own. Jeans Cherry Los Angeles.



What’s wrong with this hot dog? A Times Square dog is always going to be more about quantity than quality. They’re going to survive off foot traffic, so the quality doesn’t need to be there. This could literally be any meat, it could be not meat, it could be 3D-printed, who fucking knows? But people are going to buy it because there’s nine zillion people here every day.

Thoughts on veggie dogs? My dad is a cattle farmer, so I’m very pro meat. If you’re going to be vegetarian, just eat vegetables. I don’t need a fucking veggie dog. 

How are you feeling right now? I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t full. Also, I just chugged two beers at the last bar we were at, and I’m also wearing a fucking sailor’s hat in Times Square and people are asking to pay me for pictures. So it’s a weird situation, but I’m having a great day.

Jacket, Pants, Hat, and Shoes Emporio Armani.


Grooming: Kabuto Okuzawa using Oribe at Walter Schupfer Management.

Production Assistant: Jordan Santisteban.