“I Come Here to Do Cryo”: Nyjah Huston’s Guide to West Hollywood

Nyjah Huston

Nyjah Huston wears Pants Bode Rec and Nike. Hat Nyjah’s Own. Shoes Nike.

Before hitting the Paris Olympics as the face of U.S.A. Skateboarding, Nyjah Huston shows us what’s good in West Hollywood.



“What’s up, Interview magazine? I’m Nyjah, and we’re at Next Health. I come here to keep the body healthy, keep it going, keep it strong. I come here to do cryo a lot. They also got the red light therapy, hyperbaric chambers, all the health necessities.”

Jacket and Jeans Calvin Klein. Hat Nyjah’s own.



“What’s up Interview magazine? My name is Nyjah and we’re at Fratelli Cafe, one of my favorite breakfast restaurants. Five-minute walk from my house, amazing food, good vibe. If you guys come, you have to try the croissant French toast. Insane.”

Sweater and Jeans Gucci. Tank Top Calvin Klein. Hat Nyjah’s Own. Earring (worn on left ear throughout) Cartier. Silver Bracelet (worn throughout) Tiffany & Co. Belt Zegna.



“Hey, Interview magazine. I’m Nyjah, and we are at West Hollywood Park. I come here to get outside, get on the board, skate some flat ground, shoot some hoops with the boys. We skate these ledges right here, and it’s just one of the local spots.”

Pants Bode Rec and Nike. Hat Nyjah’s Own. Shoes Nike.



“Yo, Interview magazine, we’re at Griffith Park. This is one of the hikes that I come do on the regular. Come get a good workout, spend some time in nature. Yeah!”

Nyjah Huston

Sweater Isabel Marant. Tank Top Calvin Klein. Pants Givenchy. Hat MCM.



“What’s good, Interview mag? It’s Nyjah and we’re finishing up the day here at Erewhon. This is my go-to place for a meal any time of the day—breakfast, lunch, dinner. Get all the health, the juices, the shots, keep the body going, and also get some groceries every now and then. But mainly it’s the hot bar right here.”

Nyjah Huston

Sweater and Shorts Bottega Veneta. Hat Nyjah’s own.


Grooming: Randi Petersen using Tom Ford Beauty at Art Department.

Photography Assistant: Alexander Federic.

Fashion Assistant: Ari Miner.

Production Assistant: Frankie Benkovic.

Special Thanks: Fratelli Cafe and Next Health.