Reggie Watts

The Stuttgart, Germany-born performer is best known for  his uncanny ability to weave  an antic energy and offbeat sensibility into comedy and music-his routine is a mix of stream-of-consciousness stand-up and loop pedal-based a cappella. He opened for Conan O’Brien’s Legally Prohibited from Being Funny on Television comedy tour last year and is currently on tour.

What’s the dirtiest joke you’ve ever heard and who told it?

There’s this guy I know from when I first came to New York. His name is Cock Lorge. He sings this song and starts out on the guitar and he’s got a really sweet voice. He looked like the dude who played the villain in Dreamscape. Anyway, he tells this joke while he’s singing: “I just want you to suck my cock/I just want you to lick my balls/Suck my cock/Lick my balls . . .” And then there’s another verse and he’s like, “Suck my cock/Bring me weed/Bring me weed/And then leave . . .”