Patia Borja and Tommy Dorfman on Safe Sex and Flavored Condoms

Patia Borja

Patia Borja

Last Thursday, on the busy border dividing Williamsburg and Bushwick, Planned Parenthood of Greater New York took its first-ever plunge into the nightlife scene with a giant dance party. Hosted by a suite of New York cool kids—like Patia Borja, Anna Sophia Robb, Cat Cohen, Tommy Dorfman, and Thomas Doherty—condoms and spiced hibiscus margaritas were in ample supply as the organization convened supporters in a lively celebration of sexual and reproductive health. Since Roe v. Wade was overturned last year, PPGNY has seen a 700% increase in patients coming from states where abortion access is restricted. But, as the co-hosts told us, that’s not all Planned Parenthood does. “The majority of their work is related to sex health and education, which isn’t just for people with uteruses,” explained Dorfman. Between dance breaks, she and Borja talked to us about birth control, flavored condoms, and making sexual health cool again.


SHAAR: What’s up girly?


SHAAR: What’s your name? What’s happening tonight?

BORJA: I’m Patia. I’m hosting the Planned Parenthood party tonight. I work in healthcare and I do software engineering. I be giving meemaw vibes most of the time. I’m a Cancer, so I like being home, but I know when to turn it off and on.

SHAAR: Are you on tonight?

BORJA: I guess so. My goal is to get wasted.

SHAAR: What’s been your favorite song tonight?

BORJA: I don’t know. I met one of the DJs earlier this year, Boston Chery, and I’m super excited to see her play again.

SHAAR: Did you see the condoms in the bathroom?

BORJA: I did. I have a depo shot and one partner, but I took some because I feel like I need to give them to my friends.

SHAAR: Are you pro-flavored condom?

BORJA: I like a classic, natural taste, so it’s giving rubber.

SHAAR: So what is your birth control?

BORJA: Depo-Provera. It’s the shot every three months. I love it. I’m also on the pill, too. I was on the pill and I told the lady when I went to my Planned Parenthood appointment and she was like, “You need, maybe this is for you.” And it was for me. It’s good for the memory loss, girl.

SHAAR: So tell me, you said you’ve been going to Planned Parenthood for a while?

BORJA: Yeah, I moved to New York in 2010. I was always a celibacy doll growing up and very proud of it. But I will say I started going to Planned Parenthood in 2012, mainly just for my birth control and appointments. It’s fast, quick, and everyone’s nice.

SHAAR: Love it.

BORJA: Yeah, then this year I DJ’ed a gala for them at The Glasshouse. I mean, I loved Planned Parenthood before this moment, but I DJ a lot of parties at corporate events where it just feels like doing a corporate event, but everyone was so in tune, and mad people knew who I was already. I didn’t feel like I needed to not play certain music, and I think that’s kind of really telling of a major entity.

SHAAR: Is that what inspired you to help out tonight?

BORJA: I mean, they hit me up and I was like, “Why wouldn’t I?”

SHAAR: I love it.

Patia Borja



SHAAR: How’s your weekend been?

DORFMAN: Oh, fine. I was down in Atlanta for my mom’s 60th birthday and then caught back up.

SHAAR: So, who are you, babe? 

DORFMAN: I’m Tommy Dorfman. I’m an actor, filmmaker, and founder of Club Curran. 

CHLOE SHAAR: What’s your sign?

DORFMAN: I’m a Taurus sun, and Leo rising, and Libra moon.

SHAAR: That’s a sexy chart, I feel.

DORFMAN: It could be worse.

SHAAR: Planned Parenthood has never really been in the events space. What inspired you to be a part of this?

DORFMAN: Going out is associated with sex, fun and flirting, so it’s nice to have PP integrated into the nightlife community. They offer services to a wide range of people and ages. I think it’s really smart. 

SHAAR: At the party, they had condom buckets. Do you have a favorite brand?

DORFMAN: I’m just a Trojan girl through and through. Nothing like the classics.

Patia Borja

SHAAR: Are you pro or anti-flavored condom? 

TOMMY DORFMAN: I’ve never in my life tried one. I’m pro-ribbed.

SHAAR: Have you ever used Planned Parenthood as a resource?

DORFMAN: Yes. The first time I got an STD checked I went to Planned Parenthood. I grew up with a mom who worked with Planned Parenthood Georgia, and she was on the board for a decade, so PP’s been integrated in my life, and queer people don’t always have access to good sexual healthcare and education tools. It’s nice that Planned Parenthood, while it’s often associated more with cis-het women especially, really services all types of people, which is fantastic.

SHAAR: I’m so glad that you brought that up, because it’s not just a woman issue.

DORFMAN: The reality is a small percentage of the work they do is related to abortions and abortion care. The majority of their work is related to sex health and education, which isn’t just for people with uteruses. It’s for all types of people—intersex people, gender-creative people, gender-fluid people, trans people, cis people.

SHAAR: Do you think that safe sex is being marketed in a sexy way?

DORFMAN: Not as much as it used to. I have such strong memories of safe sex commercials as a kid. I don’t see nearly enough sexual health ads on my algorithm.

Patia Borja

SHAAR: Right? Sometimes I feel like using a condom is unsexy these days.

DORFMAN: That’s why you must find ways to make it sexy as a practice, because it’s really integral to preventing unplanned pregnancies, but also the primary purpose for a condom resides in not spreading venereal diseases or STIs. I think I’m more desensitized to seeing condoms out and about because in gay bars there were always condoms, but I think it’s important that Planned Parenthood serves as a bridge. It’s rare that I walk into a sports bar or a dive bar and see condoms available. There used to be those condom vending machines! I’ve had a lot of sex and thank god I practiced so much safe sex. We all need to be not just vocalizing our support for Planned Parenthood, but also putting our money where our mouth is and donating. And frankly, use their services, because they’re fantastic.

SHAAR: Where’s the closest one to you?

DORFMAN: There’s one on Court Street that’s actually quite close to me, and they have four stars. That’s a good review. Hard pressed to find any healthcare facility with more than two stars, so that alone should be enough reason to support.

SHAAR: Totally. Well, thank you so much for taking the time 

DORFMAN: Yeah, of course. Thank you.