Kaiser’s Pics

Karl Lagerfeld won’t be confined to three design houses, to any decade, or any medium. In fashion work alone in just the past season, he’s done Chanel and Eres. We’re sure that not far from now we’ll be talking about a Lagerfeld Museum, but in the meantime: In celebration of his photographic work, Parisian’ Maison Europeenne de la Photographie has opened the exhibit Parcours de travail (“Career Path”) today. The largest-ever showing of his photos boasts over 300 snaps, ranging from out-of-focus landscapes to architectural abstractions to painterly fashion portraits. “I’m an illustrator with a camera,” Karl noted at last night’s fete. Experimenting with resinotypes, Polaroid transfers, and even Shu Uemura makeup, this Renaissance man shows little indication of slowing down. “Moving ahead is what I think is the most exciting, non?”