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From The Vault: Neve Campbell’s “Queen of Scream” Questionnaire From 1997

Neve Campbell.

This is The Vault, our bi-weekly column in which we revive a conversation from deep in the archives for your viewing pleasure.  This time, we have Neve Campbell’s 1997 “Queen of Scream” questionnaire. Riding the momentum from her star-making turns in two 1996 films, the witchy flick The Craft and the original Scream, Campbell answered writer Steven Goldman’s frightful questions. 25 Halloweens later, dive into the Queen of Scream’s spooky questionnaire.


STEVEN GOLDMAN: Can you define fear?

NEVE CAMPBELL: Terror of the unknown.

SG: Do you watch horror films?

NC: No. To be honest, I hate them. 

SG: What are the golden rules of horror?

NC: Well, if I don’t watch horror films. I don’t really know, do I?

SG: What is your favorite horror film?

NC: Scream.

SG: In which someone says to you “Maybe they’ll make a movie of the week about you.” And you say. “Yeah, with my luck they’ll cast Tori Spelling.”

NC: Oh, man, so catty. But I didn’t write it, and I didn’t want to say it.  I wanted to use my own name.

SG: Who would play you in a movie?

NC: Tori Spelling. [laughs]

SG: Who’s your favorite scream?

NC: Jamie Lee Curtis.

SG: Who’s the scariest pop artist?

NC: Michael Jackson.

SG: What is the most frightening decade?

NC: The ’90s.

SG: Why?

NC: Because we’re all a little bit lost.

SG: What’s the scariest thing about Hollywood?

NC: A fake smile.

SG: How do you stop yourself from leaving?

NC: White light.

SG: Eh?

NC: Lighting candles and believing that you can create a white light around you wards off evil.

SG: Do you always keep correct change for the tollbooth?

NC: No. [laughs]

SG: Do you believe in witchcraft?

NC: I don’t believe in set spells or any set religion, but I believe we all have energy we can focus.

SG: Do you believe in the devil?

NC: I believe in darkness, but not the devil.

SG: Would you give him your phone number?

NC: I might, just to have a conversation with him.

SG: What frightens you?

NC: Closed spaces and knives.

SG: What’s your greatest fear?

NC: Death of happiness.

SQ: Ever cheated on your taxes?

NC: No.

SG: Ever cheated on a boyfriend?

NC: No.

SG: What’s the scariest date you’ve ever been on?

NC: The first one. I ordered French onion soup. Big mistake.

SG: What’s the most frightening beauty tip you’ve been given?

NC: It’s not a tip, but I got a perm when I was thirteen that made me look like Bozo the Clown.

SG: What’s the most frightening wardrobe purchase you’ve ever made?

NC: A pair of orange, yellow, and baby blue hipsters that I bought on Melrose a month ago. I have no idea what I was thinking.

SG: What’s the most embarrassing thing you’ve done in your career?

NC: A Tampax commercial.

SG: What makes you scream?

NC: Knives. And sex.

SG: When was the last time that you screamed?

NC: Sex.

SG: You are driven to the edge of a cliff by a hoard of screaming, bloodthirsty zombies. Do you fight, jump, or negotiate?

NC: Lie down and give up.

SG: Where did you grow up?

NC: Guelph, near Toronto. Doesn’t it sound like vomiting? “I want to Guelph.”

SG: What do you love most about acting?

NC: Touching people’s souls.

SG: How do you feel about being called television’s most believable teenager?

NC: It’s flattering, but hopefully I won’t be a teenager forever.