Dr. Marc Lowenberg

“I have literally turned people away and told them to go to another dentist,” says Dr. Marc Lowenberg, who cofounded his midtown Manhattan practice Lowenberg & Lituchy in 1985, and has quickly become the go-to doc for rock-star chompers (clients have included members of The Rolling Stones, Iggy Pop, and Brian Eno). “I will not make a smile that I am embarrassed of. I do not make fake, Chiclets-y smiles. I won’t do it,” says the 65-year-old grill guru who adheres not only to the Hippocratic oath, but to his own aesthetic inner voice. “Teeth reflect your social and educational status. Men are judged on what their teeth look like, especially by women. Your smile says a lot more about you than your shoes. So put your money where your mouth is.” Early on, though, Lowenberg himself debated a career in show business over teeth. “When my father was driving me to college on the New Jersey Turnpike, he gave me a lecture about how difficult the world of entertainment is, and if I wanted to be secure, I should follow my instinct and be a dentist,” he says. “There is a correlation between being creative and being a cosmetic dentist. You have to think of it as art.”

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