24 Hour Classy People

Last year, our resident “Fast+Louche” expert Derek Blasberg released his first book, a collection of humorous essays on etiquette and social behavior entitled Classy: Exceptional Advice for the Extremely Modern Lady (Razorbill). After it launched in April, Blasberg took his promotional tour coast to coast, with a few stops in the middle (including a now-infamous trip to his hometown St. Louis, MO, with editor at large Christopher Bollen and Chloë Sevigny), for cocktail parties and book signings. He wasn’t alone on these journeys: friends like Kate Bosworth, Nicole Richie, Lauren Santo Domingo and Dasha Zhukova pitched in on the festivities, all of which were recorded on a FlipCam. So how did it feel for the reporter and part-time photographer feel about being on the other side of the microphone and camera? “It’s sort of surreal to see all that played back, it was such a whirlwind,” he says. “But it sure was fun.” This new video allows you, loyal readers, to look classy in real time.