Chloë Sevigny on Pauly D, Parodies, and More



For five seasons on HBO’s Big Love, she has played the middle wife; but in reality, Chloë Sevigny is no second fiddle. She has opinions, and even when she’s afraid to express them, they still find their way of getting out.

Sevigny is that rare bird—an Oscar-nominated and Golden-Globe winning actress who nevertheless finds the time to secure her “indie-darling” status by also starring in smaller independent films. For Chloë Sevigny, it’s not about how much fame a project is going to get her. It’s about quality—statements on which have gotten her into trouble in the recent past. We spoke recently with Sevigny, who set the record straight about some rumors regarding her apocalyptic romance with a certain Jersey Shore cast member, her use of the word “awful” to describe the fourth season of Big Love, which Hollywood actresses she’d want as her own sister-wives, how she feels about Drew Droege’s YouTube parodies, and much more.

SAM BELLIKOFF: You’re in California right now? Have you been doing a lot of press?

CHLOË SEVIGNY: Yeah, we had a junket today, so a lot of press.

BELLIKOFF: Jumping right in… In the new season of Big Love, something that started in season four is that your character Nicki is finding herself. She’s dressing less and less like a woman straight off the fundamentalist Mormon compound. How do you feel about the evolving look?

SEVIGNY: I didn’t really like it. I preferred in the first and second season, when she had a really distinct look. It was a real extension of her personality and where she came from. Now, she’s trying to play the part more of Bill’s wife. She doesn’t want to stand out so much. Her dressing less and less compound-esque is her way of distancing herself from her roots. Season five is all about the twin sets, sweater sets. According to the editors and the creators, everybody is raving about the sweater sets. It’s a throwback to the ’50s, you know, big-chested, sweater sets.