Armchair Consumer

German industrial designer Stephan Schulz has created a piece of furniture that allows the owner to be a collaborator in its design. Introducing the Comfy Cargo Chair—a welcoming seat that gives the owner carte blanche in stuffing the chair’s bare steel framework with the detritus of one’s domestic life. With Schulz responsible for its metal skeleton, and the user responsible for the “meat” of the chair, there is a harmonious tie between geometric and organic form. “On the one hand, the chair is playing with classical Bauhaus features and on the other hand, the filled chair loses its defined form and liberates the user in how they use this piece of furniture,” says the 27-year-old designer. Though still a prototype, Schulz hopes the Comfy Cargo Chair will eventually be manufactured. Imagine the Manhattan-apartment possibilities of a piece of furniture that also stores your books, dirty laundry, or even an extra roommate. More info at