Anna Wintour’s Late Night Out



Anna Wintour has her favorites. Among various causes and Rodarte, one such favorite is Jimmy Fallon; another is Fashion’s Night Out. She’s Last night, with Marc Jacobs as her escort, the Vogue editor appeared on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon to discuss the second incarnation of Fashion’s Night Out, which—as various comercials, advertisements, and this blog, will remind you—takes place September 10. Its mission is no less than to save the future of international fashion from the grips of the recession.

Last night, Fallon and Wintour recalled another big night out, this past winter’s Met Ball, where Fallon enjoyed the opportunity to “drink in a museum legally.” Smoking, Wintour pointed out, is another issue, though Jacobs was quick to share a well-known fashion world secret: lighting up isn’t illegal if it’s in the bathroom.