The Fruits of Franco's Flip-Cam



James Franco is waging a single-handed war against that whole "men can't multi-task" gender stereotype. His latest effort:  a web TV series about moderately debauched college students, filmed entirely on a flip-cam! Glad you're staying on top of the times, James. Fortunately for anyone interested in watching the series, Franco chose not to film at NYU, but one of his many other alma maters—or potentially current schools, it's hard to keep up—but rather USC, home to some very photogenic fraternity males (sorry, NYU hipsters: USC trumps you there.) The series, entitled Undergrads,  seems to revolve around a group of students—Colin, Keelin, Paley and Claire, the token girl—as they navigate traditional college activities and dilemmas, such as football games, why it is ill-advised to commit to a relationship, public partial-nudity, tequila shots, Facebook stalking, body painting, bootycalling, and the sourpusses that are the campus po-po. And all to the sweet (if a little overdone) sounds of Tilly and the Wall's "Nights of the Living Dead"—though Franco, in an unusual act of self-censorship, edited around the song's F-bomb-heavy chorus.

If you'd like to see the trailer for yourself, it is now streaming on Franco's video website, where, presumably, the show itself will end up eventually as well.


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Corinna Kirsch

01/25/12 5:11pm

I can't believe that yet another one of Franco's "projects" is taking up space. Seriously, a flip-cam, documentary style interview series isn't anything better than an undergrad art assignment that some of these undergrads will, presumably, take part in at some point during their career. Or wait, maybe Franco made "Undergrads" as one of his homework assignments.

I am so over Franco-as-art and Franco's-art-as-art.
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