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Jay McInerney

Terry Richardson

Not just a New York writer, but the New York writer, Jay McInerney is the City’s bard. He’s weathered the extravagant years and the doomsday years, and like the streetwise Manhattanites he portrays in his novels, he’s a story of passion and survival.

New Again: Kathy Bates

Few actors possess a range like Kathy Bates.  She can play a murderous, obsessive literary fan (Misery), a stubborn, bayou-bound matriarch (The Waterboy), and just about everything in between, be it drama or comedy, film or television.  In honor of Bates' talent and forthcoming stoner series, we've reprinted Interview's cover story on the actress from August 1991. 

Weekend News Roundup! Guns 'N Roses minus the Roses, the Republican National Hungry for Power Games

Happy Monday! Here's our compendium of pop culture news you may have missed while you were doing more important things over the weekend.  

Omari Hardwick

Victoria Stevens

By the time Omari Hardwick landed the starring role of James "Ghost" St. Patrick on the 50 Cent-produced Starz drama Power, the Georgia-native had already been acting for over a decade.

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