Thea Goldberg

Like Dancing About a Radio Show

September 10, 2014

When we went to interview Ira Glass at the New York studio of his phenomenally popular radio show, This American Life, he made a kind gesture midway through his first answer: he pulled the lever on his office chair to bring it down a bit, so we’d be at eye level.

Michael Cunningham Bears Witness

May 30, 2014

Michael Cunningham is a master of color, light, and mood, and extraordinary sentences are all over The Snow Queen, which follows the plaintive hopes and losses of the two Meeks brothers, Tyler and Barrett, in New York in the first decade of the 21st century.

Gogy Esparza’s Novelty Act

March 19, 2014

Hailing from the projects of Massachusetts, Gogy Esparza came to New York on scholarship to study art at NYU’s prestigious Gallatin School, leaving the dire straits of street life behind.

McSweeney’s Considers Itself

December 20, 2013

Timothy McSweeney’s Quarterly Concern is a magazine so fresh and willful, so experimental and fast and unwilling to sit quietly in its binding, each edition arrives like a literary ornament threatening to tip the tree over with its ambition.

Hilton Als, Constructing Genre

November 5, 2013

Cultural critic Hilton Als might have written the essay collection of the year with this month’s White Girls (McSweeney’s), if indeed it were merely a book of essays.

Fooding and Drinking with Tristan Willey

September 25, 2013

When Tristan Willey and Dave Arnold, who together opened the East Village bar Booker and Dax under the Momofuku umbrella a year and a half ago, set out to develop their take on the Manhattan, they took the challenge seriously.

Exclusive Video Premiere and Interview: ‘Lonely Sinner,’ Teddy Blanks

September 25, 2013

Teddy Blanks is a man of many talents. At his day job working at CHIPS, the design studio he co-founded, Blanks creates top-notch creative projects for a wide variety of clients. In his spare time, however, Blanks moonlights as a troubadour of wryly sentimental pop music.

Exclusive Remix Premiere: ‘¢râ?¬am,’ Dash Speaks

August 28, 2013

New York-based DJ Dash Speaks’ reinterpretation of “C.R.E.A.M.,” which we’re psyched to premiere here, works paradoxically: it proves the timelessness of the original precisely by updating it, into an ultra-contemporary club jam.

Discovery: Lakeith Stanfield

August 22, 2013

Based on writer and director Destin Cretton’s thesis short, Short Term 12 stars rising actress Brie Larson, The Newsroom‘s John Gallagher Jr., Rami Maleck, and Kaitlyn Dever. It is newcomer Keith Stanfield, however, who particularly stands out as the introverted Marcus.

Inside the Hothouse

August 1, 2013

Boris Kachka’s first book Hothouse is something of a masterpiece of business biography—an intricate history of one of the literary world’s most fastidious houses, Farrar Straus & Giroux.

Exclusive Remix Premiere and Interview: ‘Sonsick,’ San Fermin (Violetness Remix)

July 30, 2013

After graduating from Yale with a degree in classical music two years ago, composer and songwriter Ellis Ludwig-Leone spent two months camped out at the Banff Centre, a secluded composers’ retreat in the Canadian mountains. His goal was to write a complex, fully orchestrated chamber-pop album centering on the big questions of growing up with which he’d recently found himself consumed.

Tielor McBride’s New York Natives

July 8, 2013

It was as a celebration of the “innovative and industrious American spirit” that Brooklyn based Tielor McBride started his brand of bags in 2011.

Robert Dupree, on the Block

June 27, 2013

In May, New York-based artist and photographer Robert Dupree had several of his works censored and removed from The Select Art Fair—which, as of this writing, continues to occupy lobby and gallery space at The Out Hotel, a “straight-friendly” urban resort and entertainment complex in Manhattan’s Hell’s Kitchen, now the epicenter of gay life according to the hotel’s website.

Discovery: Raine Manley Robertson

June 12, 2013

The 22-year-old photographer Raine Manley Robertson, whose first exhibition will be unveiled at Miss Lily’s Variety today, spends a lot of time looking at overlooked things, whether it’s last week’s orange, marked with slowly expanding green rot; a fingerprint-stained coffee table book; or cracks crawling down a wall.

Discovery: The Colourist

May 22, 2013

With its crashing guitars and caffeinated refrains, The Colourist (yes, that’s a British “u,” and no, they aren’t actually British), is pop joie de vivre personified.

How Los Carpinteros Construct

May 8, 2013

The latest exhibition from Cuban art collective Los Carpinteros, “Irreversible,” opening this Saturday at Sean Kelly Gallery, presents a series of new work rooted in the semiotics of public art.

Exclusive Video Premiere and Interview: ‘Free at Dawn,’ Small Black

April 15, 2013

Shot on 16-mm film, “Free at Dawn” is both evocative and precise—a perfect introduction to Limits of Desire, which finds Small Black evolving beyond the hazy intimacy of its previous releases.

Dan Ross-Leutwyler’s Grandfather Clause

April 5, 2013

Fritzl’s Lunch Box, the new restaurant by chef Dan Ross-Leutwyler (formerly of Roberta’s, Fatty ‘Cue, and the dearly departed Williamsburg spot Bellwether, among others), is indisputably Bushwick, tucked into a homey little spot on Irving Avenue just off the DeKalb Street L train stop. Its décor is as bright and clean as the contents of its menu.

The Center of Everything Everything

March 25, 2013

Formed in late 2007, the math-rock maestros behind UK-based rock quartet Everything Everything slowly gained a loyal indie following until 2010, when they signed with Geffen records and released their debut LP Man Alive. That year, they were also chosen as part of the BBC’s Sound of 2010. More recently, the band has released their sophomore album, Arc.