Sölve Sundsbö

Chiwetel EJIOFOR

September 4, 2015

For years he turned in some of the richest, most eloquent and engaging performances, and was still underrated and under-recognized. But now it’s his time to shine.

Will Self

November 3, 2014

The holy terror and sane genius of contemporary British fiction digs into his ultimate subjects: madness, drugs, the future of cities, and the benefits of a really good walk.

Tracey Emin

December 4, 2013

With her messy, idiosyncratic sculptures and paintings, which mixed toughness with vulnerability, and dark honesty with hilarious cynicism, Tracy Emin emerged in the ’90s as a lightning-rod superstar of the British art world. But while a lot of things have changed for Emin since those heady days of public emotional nakedness and tabloid fixturehood, her ability to command attention isn’t one of them.

Brian Eno

January 21, 2013

On the ever-elastic nature of music, sudden ruptures in the space-time continuum, and why losing things can be liberating.

Scarlett Johansson

November 22, 2011

Off screen, Scarlett Johansson has never sought the spotlight, but she certainly knows how to command it−a skill that came in handy over the past year as the breakup of her marriage and an electronic-hacking scandal transformed some very personal aspects of her private life into very public tabloid fodder. Here, the actress opens up about her newfound insight into the faustian bargain of fame, the importance of maintaining a little bit of mystery, and why, when it comes to what really matters to her, she’ll never, ever run away and hide.

Kim Jones

October 30, 2011

A preview of the bold, brash British designer’s bold, brash first menswear collection for Louis Vuitton.

Wolfgang Tillmans

September 7, 2011

Wolfgang Tillmans the German photographer doesn’t need to take pictures of young revelers up to no good to create provocative work. In fact, sometimes he doesn’t even need a subject—or a camera.

Double Vision

November 18, 2010

A look into the future at what’s to come for Spring/Summer 2011, as designers embraced conceptual minimalism in presenting a new take on modern glamour with the simplicity of stark whites, rich creams, and sleek beiges.


August 20, 2010

The figuratively glock-poppin’ Parisian MC on motherhood, mischief, and her most dangerous liaison


June 2, 2010

Lady Gaga, YouTube, The New York Times, the Sri Lankan government, the American military-industrial complex— if you haven’t landed in rapper M.I.A.’s crosshairs lately, then you’re just not part of the Big Conversation. Now, with the release of her new album, Maya, she’s about to escalate her Jack Bauer–like, full-frontal assault on vainglorious pop music, culture, and politics. And her revolution will not be sanitized.


March 19, 2010

Kesha Rose Sebert, chart-­topping, glitter-caked new queen of drunk-girl dance music, might very well be the perfect post-modern pop star: One who lives her life like it’s a reality show Kesha Rose Sebert, chart-­topping, glitter-caked new queen of drunk-girl dance music, might very well be the perfect post-modern pop star: One who lives her life like it’s a reality show.


February 22, 2010

Punk-rock goddess, muse of Manchester, Poetic spirit—Linder sterling is all of these things. She’s also One of the Most overlooked, transgressive, influential, rip-through-the-walls-to-get-to-the-truth visual artists to be let loose on the cultural landscape in the last 40 years.

Pixie Lott

February 22, 2010

According to 19-year-old Pixie Lott, her journey to “overnight” success has been a long, arduous slog. “I’ve been trying to get into the music business since I was 13,” says the British-born singer, a stockbrocker’s daughter from Essex.

Tom Ford

December 3, 2009

In directing his first film, A Single Man, Tom Ford has turned his attention to the difficult, clashing, and sometimes painfully ugly forces that can lie beneath. but not to worry—fashion, sex, and even impossibly beautiful strangers with long, penetrating gazes still have their place.

Chace Crawford

August 10, 2009

Chace Crawford the success of Gossip Girl has transformed him into an All-American teen heartthrob. Chace Crawford, though, has a plan to set himself freeâ??and it involves dealing, dancing, and ditching the high school uniform.

Rupert Friend

February 17, 2009

You’ll be seeing a lot of this gifted young man at the multiplex in the coming months. He’s a natural actor, even though he missed out on the movies as a kid, a literate craftsman who can play a gentleman—any decade or century—and is one himself, and a man suited to his profession due to a chronic wanderlust. Rupert Friend knows just what to say and how to say it.