Matthew Rolston

Life Lessons

Life Lessons from Joan Rivers

March 28, 2023

“Every other year I get something done plastic surgery-wise. And the in-between year I travel.”

Life Lessons

Life Lessons from Sade

July 5, 2022

“Sometimes I think not being represented is better than being misrepresented. “

life lessons

Life Lessons from Janet Jackson

February 9, 2022

“Michael told me when you hear bad things about yourself, it’s no good crying about it. Just put it into your music—it’ll make you stronger.”

Life Lessons

Life Lessons From Keanu Reeves

January 11, 2022

“I want to be a speed freak for a while. Is that a stupid thing to say?”


Prince Puckers Up for the 35th Anniversary of Parade

March 31, 2021

It’s hard to imagine a world in which the legendary artist didn’t bring us “Kiss.”


Even Hannibal Lecter Can’t Resist the Allure of Jodie Foster

January 27, 2021

30 years after “The Silence of the Lambs,” she’s aged like a nice Chianti.

thirstory week!

Lisa Bonet Steals Our Hearts

October 6, 2020

The elusive actor’s topless cover shoot marked a clear departure from her “Cosby Show” days.

Revisiting Our 1988 Cover Story with Lady Sade, Elusive Pop Diva

January 16, 2019

Revisiting the best moments from Sade’s 1988 Interview cover, where she opens up about her love for dancing, the tabloids, and going to the club.

Cyndi Lauper

April 10, 2017

She’s been a wrestling manager, a geisha girl, and Ms. Magazine‘s Woman of the Year. She’s got a load of gold and platinum records and she’s got a diamond engagement ring. She’s for real. And she really talks like that, except sometimes she talks even more like that.

new again

New Again: Janet Jackson

October 13, 2016

You might have noticed that Janet Jackson has been pretty absent from the music scene in recent months—and with good reason: at the age of 50, Ms. Jackson is expecting her first child with her husband, Qatari businessman Wissam al Mana.

New Again: Steven Spielberg

June 22, 2016

Before next week’s release of The BFG, we decided to revisit an interview with a fresh-faced, longhaired Steven Spielberg from May 1977.

Remembering Prince

April 21, 2016

2016 is quickly becoming the worst year for the history of music.

New Again: Anjelica Huston

July 9, 2014

Yesterday, actress Anjelica Huston turned 63.

New Again: Gene Kelly

June 26, 2013

During July and August, New Yorkers of all ages can revisit the heartwarming melodies of golden-era Gene Kelly musicals from the ’40s and ’50s. We decided to do some revisiting, too; in this case, Gene Kelly’s February 1985 interview conducted by Margy Rochlin, in which Kelly discusses Prince, the romance of musicals, and—speaking of romance—the ladies.

New Again

New Again: Molly Ringwald

December 4, 2012

Molly Ringwald gave a voice to every awkward teenage girl from 1984 to… forever. From Sixteen Candles to The Breakfast Club to Pretty in Pink, Molly mapped out all the ups and down of teen life, and she did it with sincerity. Now, Ringwald is 44 years old, married with three kids, a published novelist, and set to develop a new show for Lifetime.

New Again: Hugh Hefner

February 28, 2012

52 years ago on this leap-year day, the first ever Playboy club opened in Chicago. Whether you are fascinated, bored, amused or disgusted by Playboy‘s founder, Hugh Hefner, there is no denying his influence on 20th- and 21st-century Western culture, and many of the arguments made against Playboy in the ’60s and ’70s continue to dominate American political debates.

Michael Jackson

August 31, 2011

“I like to make people happy. That’s what’s great about show business. It’s escapism. You pay your five bucks to get in and sit there and you’re in another world. Forget about the problems in the world. It’s wonderful. It’s entertaining. It’s magic.”

Joan Didion Immerses Herself Into The Maelstrom

June 1, 1983

In 1983, Joan Didion travelled to El Salvador as a foreign correspondent and encountered the dark forces of political terror.