Weekly Playlist: Altered States

Recent reports are telling us what we already know: More often than commonly thought, our paper currency carries evidence of recent use as drug paraphernalia. A perhaps-surprising-depending on-where-you-hang-out 90% of US currency is contaminated (some call it “improved”) with cocaine, a rise from 67% two years ago. Meanwhile, on Friday–just in time for the long weekend!–a former Immigration and Customs Enforcement agent was arrested on suspicion of conspiracy to smuggle 660 pounds of cocaine into the United States. And today, Lady Gaga expressed appreciation for her father’s no-nonsense approach to getting her off the stuff (apparently, the popstar  used to spend hours alone with her mirror, listening to an unnamed Cure song on repeat). Here, some songs celebrating–and lamenting–our ever-evolving relationship with altered states of consciousness:

Cocaine Blues
Abner Jay
So High
Soft Boiled Eggies
Under Your Spell

Spaced Out Patrick Adams
White Horse
Laid Back

Your Only Friend Phuture

White Lines Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five

Drugged Telepathe

Weed Jam Deeradorian