Weekly Playlist: iTouch

Now that technology seems to be all about developing new sell-able gadgets geared toward keeping us in touch,  it’s nice to find that, over the last 10 years, a team of Italian and Swedish bioengineers has been working on a 5-digit prosthetic hand, dubbed the “smart hand.” Triggered by the brain via forty sensors, it actually has a sense of touch, which one-ups your iPhone screen by a notch or two.

Of course, such an impressive accessory needs a spokesmodel: The recipient of this innovative PDA is a nice looking, 22-year-old Swedish dude. (Doctors amputated his right hand years ago on account of a cancerous tumor. He previously used a prosthetic “hook.”) I’m not eager to lose my right hand, but he makes the robo-version seem like so much fun! Nice to see such a benevolent development, not to mention a positive twist on the Terminator 2 look.

Can You Feel It Mr. Fingers

Almost Human

Feeling Afflicted Man

Can I Touch You My Bloody Valentine

Battery Humans Amebix

The Robots Senor Coconut

Hold Me Right E.S.G.

Touch A Certain Ratio

Hold Me Section 25

Heart of Plastic Rocko Schamoni

Feelings Morris Albert