“Last Dance” with The Raveonettes

After a two year break, the Raveonettes are on their way back with an upcoming album, In and Out of Control. Today marked the official release of the single “Last Dance” (a demo was making its way around earlier in the summer).






With this track, The Raveonettes join the panethon of musicians who have immortalized the end of the party with a song called “Last Dance.” The lyrics of the Raveonettes interpretation (“Every time you overdose/I rush to intensive care/Another sad-eyed stare/Before you disappear” et cetera) channel goth sadness of The Cure’s Disintegration-era release:



With the sadness-cloaking catchiness of First Wavers The Mekons’ 1984 take:




Whether it matches the danceability of the Donna Summer version–that staple of Studio 54, weddings, Bar Mitzvahs, and anything that involves a DJ and a rented dance hall–is for you to judge: