Dahling Nicki! In Her New Video, Minaj is Her Own Fairy Godmother


Nicki Minaj isn’t one to embrace traditional narrative—after all, the Trinidadian lady rapper’s own life trajectory has been anything but average. So it may come as something of a surprise to learn that her newest video, for “Moment 4 Life,” is a fairy tale: Minaj gets a visit from a fairy godmother, wears a gorgeous blue chiffon dress to a fancy party, makes eyes at Drake, and ends the video in a fluffy white gown and pink wig, marrying Drake while fireworks explode over their heads.

But Minaj hasn’t entirely lost her complexity: in keeping with her “bad bitch” girl-power aesthetic, her fairy godmother is played by… herself! The best part of the video is the first minute and thirty-three seconds of the video, in which princess Nicki (or should we say king Nicki? The opening shot, of a storybook page, does) and godmother Nicki trade Minajisms. (Godmother Nicki informs the princess that Roman Zolanski, another alter-ego, and Slim Shady have been sent off to boarding school because “they were wreaking havoc on the industry.”) And we have to admit, we do like the idea of Minaj and Drake getting married… if only because we’d love to meet their kids.