Hyperpop Star Alice Longyu Gao Stans Celine Dion and The 1975

This is SOUND ADVICE, a weekly destination for playlists curated by Interview’s friends, enemies, and lovers. Over the past few weeks, we’ve gathered playlists curated by Rick Owens, Chino Moreno, and Lewis OfMan. This week’s installment is courtesy of queer hyperpop icon Alice Longyu Gao, the Chinese DJ and songwriter known for her playful and maximalist tracks. Last month, she dropped her second debut EP, Let’s Hope Heteros Fail, Learn, and Retire, in which she sings about tire-slashing and references BetterHelp discount codes over trappy metal and electro-pop beats. Following its release, she made us a playlist she describes cryptically: “These are not songs, these are not music, the ‘lyrics’ are not ‘language,’ the ‘instruments’ might not be on sale at Guitar Center.” Then she answered our SOUND ADVICE questionnaire, in which she confesses her love for The 1975 and reveals the Celine Dion song she wishes she’d written.


Where do you dance? Somewhere Lower East Side or Ridgewood….

What’s on your bedroom playlist? Domi & JD Beck — “Take A Chance” ft. Anderson Paak

Last song that made you cry? I can’t tell u the song’s name cuz I don’t stan the artist who made the song but it is a beautiful song about how she cannot ever fall in love with her dream girl.

What was your first concert? Richard Clayderman.

Who gets aux? I never try to operate the aux cuz I wanna hear what others are listening to.

Who’s your favorite artist no one knows about? My friend Quincey.

What’s a song you wish you wrote? “My Heart Will Go On” — Celine Dion 

What instruments do you play? Harp and piano.

Who’s the hottest DJ in NYC? Me.

Rave of the year? Alice Longyu Gao Lunar New Year rave.

Best place for a bite after a night out? Local bodega.

What’s the opening track in the movie of your life? Let’s Hope Heteros Fail, Learn, and Retire.

Headphones of choice? SONY.

What song is on repeat right now? The 1975…… I listen to The 1975 literally everyday … …

The world is ending, what are you wearing? Mila Stromboni.

All-time favorite album cover? “To My White Boy Princess.”

What do you listen to when you’re high? I don’t smoke weed.

Who is the Queen of Pop? Lady Gaga.

What’s an underground New York spot you’d like to keep secret? My backyard hopefully soon.