Rick Owens Curates a Playlist for “TurboCunts”

This is SOUND ADVICE, a weekly destination for playlists curated by Interview’s friends, enemies, and lovers. Over the past few weeks, we’ve gathered playlists curated by Chino Moreno, Patia Borja, and Channel Tres. This week’s installment is brought to you by Rick Owens, a fashion great but also a respected arbiter of musical taste. His affinity for rockstars like Bowie and Iggy Pop is no secret, but as a self-described “genre slut,” the playlist he created for us—appropriately titled “TurboCunt”—has a few Easter eggs. Upon questioning, Owens reveals his favorite club in Miami, his most-loved runway soundtrack, and the artist who features most prominently in a hypothetical movie about his life.


Where do you dance? PARTIES AT MY HOUSE

Fuck, marry, kill: Spotify, Soundcloud, Apple Music. SOUNDCLOUD, APPLE MUSIC, SPOTIFY

Bluetooth or wired headphones? BLUETOOTH

Who was your first concert? BOWIE STATION TO STATION

What song on this playlist, if any, makes you cry? “I FEEL LOVE”

What’s your favorite club? FLOPPY ROOSTER MIAMI

Name your favorite artist no one knows about. FERN KINNEY

What’s your favorite album cover of all time? DIAMOND DOGS

Who’s the queen of pop? CHER

Tell us about your favorite runway soundtrack of your career? I LOVE THEM ALL BUT MY FIRST WITH ALICE COOPER AND IGGY POP SET THE BAR

Which designer, other than yourself, curates the best runway soundtrack? RAF

What’s the campiest moment in music history? ANN MARGRET ROLLING IN BEANS IN THE MOVIE TOMMY

Who is the most featured artist on the soundtrack to the movie about your life? JULIE LONDON

Where do you find new music? OLD MOVIES

Name a cover song that was better than the original. “MACARTHUR PARK”