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French Synth Prodigy Lewis OfMan is Your Date to the Afters

This is SOUND ADVICE, a weekly destination for playlists curated by Interview’s friends, enemies, and lovers. Over the past few weeks, we’ve gathered playlists curated by Chino MorenoRick Owens, and Channel Tres. This week’s installment is brought to you by the French multihyphenate Lewis OfMan. The 25-year-old synth prodigy has earned a party-ready reputation thanks to his seamless fusion of classic house, Italian disco, and UK bass, without ever foregoing his underground French roots. His personal and musical styles have caught the ears of fashion luminaries like Donatella Versace, who chose two of his songs“Sorry Not Sorry” and “Attitude”—as the musical backdrop to the brand’s FW22 Milan show. As he tours across 18 cities in North America, with a stop at Coachella along the way, the Frenchman found time in between gigs and after-parties to curate a festival-ready playlist for us and answer our SOUND ADVICE questionnaire, in which he crowns Arca the reigning queen of pop and tells us why his designer shades are constantly breaking.


Where do you dance? Lately mostly in living rooms.

What’s on your bedroom playlist? “These Days” by Fonteyn is my new good day joint! also, this cover of “Sandman” by Linda McCartney produced by Lee Scratch Perry is premium vibes.

Favorite disco record: “Keep on Dancing” by Larry’s Gang.

Fuck, marry, kill: Spotify, Soundcloud, Apple Music. After killing SoundCloud, I will ruin my Spotify wedding fucking with Apple Music. 

Bluetooth or wired headphones? Bluetooth for freedom of moves.

What do you listen to before hitting the stage? Nothing because it really does interfere with my own vibe but some Dub is always welcome aftermath.

What song comes to mind when you think of Coachella? Something really unifying like “Feels Like We Only Go Backwards” by Tame Impala.

How many pairs of shades do you own? I have a dozen of fake luxury brands shades that break each time I take them to a party.

Favorite on-the-road meal? Bacon egg & cheese sandwich.

What was your first concert? I was painted in Klein blue!!

What song makes you cry?  “500 Miles” by Peter Paul, and Mary.

What song are you dying to hear at a fashion show? Maybe “Love Theme” by Vangelis.

Name your favorite artist no one knows about:  Jazz Lambaux is the new iconic. 

Do you play an instrument?  Keys, guitars, and drums.

What’s your favorite after hours club? I love when people take me to new ones.

What song do you have on repeat? This “Call Me” song by Bamao Yendé,

What do you listen to when you’re high? “Europa” by Santana <3

What’s your favorite album cover of all time?  The cover of “Bismillah” by Peter Cat Recording Co. is pretty iconic.

What’s your favorite remix right now? The Cesar Wogue remix of my song “SOS.”

Who’s the queen of pop? Surely Arca.

What’s your favorite movie needle-drop? I have to say I really vibed when “Let Me Roll It” by Paul McCartney and Wings kicked in during Licorice Pizza.