Has Fever Ray returned?

There’s something new percolating from behind Karin Dreijer Andersson’s plastic facemask.

The site for her solo project, Fever Ray, has been taken over by a gif-length video that’s the stuff of sci-fi nightmares, while Fever Ray’s YouTube channel now features about a minute’s worth of video titled Switch Seeks Same, soundtracked by a song of possibly the same name.

It’s been eight years since Dreijer Andersson, who is one half of electronic duo The Knife, released music as Fever Ray or, as the video says: “It’s been eight years and much has been learned and unlearned. Eight years of defeat and growth, eight years of caring and being cared for, eight years of loving and being loved.”

But, if this video is any indication, we may have a sexy, spooky, and totally psychedelic new album to look forward to.

Watch the mysterious teaser below.