Exclusive Video Premiere: ‘I Want What You Have,’ Shining Mirrors


If “I Want What You Have,” the latest single from Brooklyn trio Shining Mirrors sounds authentically lo-fi, that’s because it is. Featuring fuzzy amps and clanging guitar, the track was originally recorded as a demo in bassist Eric Lyle Lodwick’s bedroom and quickly spread via social media far beyond the bounds of the band’s improvised studio. This month, listen for the single in If I Stay, the film adaptation of the popular young adult novel of the same name starring Chloë Grace Moretz. In the film, Moretz and her love interest perform the track as an ode to teen passion—though, as lead guitarist and vocalist Drew Robinson reveals, it was written with a slightly different aim in mind.

“To me, the song is a commentary on consumer culture,” Robinson says. “It tickles me that it can be used as a love song in a movie. Like a painting or a novel, I believe a song can be a mirror.” Fittingly, the music video for the track, which we’re pleased to premiere here, has a similarly reflective quality. Shot in black and white with the occasional flash of strobe lights, the video features Robinson singing directly into the camera as projections of himself hover in the background. It’s a clear reference to Andy Warhol’s famous screen tests of the 1960s. Our fearless leader, an early pioneer of the selfie and a frequent commentator on consumer culture, would no doubt be just as tickled by the reference.