Exclusive Video Premiere: ‘Born To,’ Jesca Hoop



Songstress Jesca Hoop has jumped the pond to live and work in Manchester—but while there don’t seem to be any overt strains of Morrissey in the video for her latest single, “Born To,” off her upcoming album, The House that Jack Built, the Californian-born Hoop’s soaring siren vocals recall the likes of Kate Bush and Björk.

“Born To,” which probes the seemingly arbitrary nature of the circumstances we are born into, features two Jescas—one, an illuminated image in a mirror providing narration, the other, a nude-unitard-clad Jesca, captured in stop-motion in moments of escalating confusion and experimentation. Adorned with tribal make-up and periodically ripping and reattaching her clothing, the second Jesca provides the action to the first Jesca’s lyrics: “Held all within these flesh walls/Pair of dice and domino/Seven fingers and thirteen toes/Wind her up and watch her go.” Amid a stop motion frenzy, Jesca transforms into a feathered, paint-splattered version of herself, and, just as quickly, returns to the neutral, flesh-colored state from whence she came.